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IP at Work

These stories offer insights into how IP is being used by entrepreneurs, inventors and creators around the world, every day to add value to their products, support business growth, create employment and promote economic development.

This week's story

(Photo: Register your work)

Leveraging IP Awareness Among Law Students in Puerto Rico

Lorraine Juarbe, a law professor from Puerto Rico, supports World Intellectual Property Day and offers her students a hands-on opportunity to better understand the importance of intellectual property rights.

(Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Neelima Bogadhi)

Crafting a Better Future for Women with Etikoppaka Wooden Toys

Discover how women in the Indian village of Etikoppaka have embraced the art of creating wooden toys, improved their livelihoods and leading to economic stability and recognition for their geographical indication (GI) rights.

(Photo: Courtesy of Chaoying Zhang)

The Art of China’s Li Brocade: Weaving Tradition and Innovation

The Li people of Hainan Island in the People’s Republic of China are known for their beautiful brocade art, which reflects their rich history and cultural traditions. Having mastered traditional techniques, the Li People are continue to pass on their knowledge to future generations, keeping brocade art alive with innovative contemporary designs.

(Photo: Courtesy of BioTech)

BioTech: Revolutionizing Agriculture with Sustainable Biocontrol Solutions in Costa Rica

BioTech, a Costa Rican biotech company co-founded by Lizzy Retana Villalobos, is using fungi and bacteria to control plant disease for a more organic and sustainable approach to agriculture.

(Photo: Courtesy of WiseShape)

WiseShape: Revolutionizing Winemaking with Eco-Efficient Concrete Tanks

Since 2018, entrepreneur Tatiana Sá Marques, co-founder and CEO of WiseShape, has been working to revolutionize traditional winemaking and improve the environmental performance of Portuguese winemakers with its eco-efficient concrete tanks.

(Photo: Courtesy of Philip Kisaka Wasilwa)

Nigerian Author Sparks Creativity Among Young Creators

Having successfully published her first novel at the age of 21, Nigerian author Chidera Okolie aims to foster a culture of creativity among aspiring young writers in her country. Learn about Okolie's journey and her efforts to nurture Nigeria’s next generation of creatives.

(Photo: Courtesy of the Lion Lights Foundation)

Lion Lights: Shedding Light on Wildlife Protection in Africa

Young Kenyan inventor Richard Turere has developed an ingenious automated flashing light system to safeguard livestock from lions and other large predators. His foundation, Lion Lights, works with local communities across Africa, encouraging them to use this system to promote peaceful coexistence between humans and wildlife.

(Photo: Courtesy of H2L)

H2L: Bridging the Gap Between Humans, Machines and Virtual Environments

Award-winning entrepreneur Emi Tamaki is developing haptics technology to change the way human bodies interact with and experience virtual environments. Her company, H2L (Happy Hacking Life), is at the forefront of this pioneering field.

(Photo: Courtesy of Freestyle La 72)

With Freestyle La 72 Young Colombian Rappers Imagine a Better Future

Colombian youth foundation Freestyle La 72 is using rap freestyling battles to support youth, creating opportunities for them to hone their talents and build a career in rap.

(Photo: Courtesy of FOSSA Systems)

New generation of Miniature Satellites Brings Connectivity to Remote Areas

While, these days, we take mobile coverage for granted, it is still impossible to get network coverage in many locations. Spanish company FOSSA Systems is producing miniature, low-cost satellites to bring reliable connectivity to remote areas.

(Photo: Courtesy of Iván González and Armando Vite)

Oaxacanita Chocolate: Reviving Indigenous Mixtec Cocoa Traditions

Discover how the social enterprise Oaxacanita Chocolate is leading local development with Indigenous communities to produce chocolate that embraces the traditions of Mexico’s cocoa culture.

(Photo: Courtesy of Taibo Bacar)

Fashion forward: pioneering African designer eyes luxury brands market

Taibo Bacar, the celebrated Mozambican fashion designer, talks about what it takes to build an international fashion brand and the next steps in his pioneering business adventure.

(Photo: EvgeniyShkolenko / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Tencent, video games, the metaverse and diversity: an insider’s view

Jia Wang, Deputy Director of the Technology Service for the North Americas Team within Tencent’s interactive entertainment group, discusses the future of video games and the role IP plays in her work.

(Photo: Daniel Quiceno / Unsplash)

Brazilian agri-tech startup digitizes farm management with dividends for cattle farmers and sustainability

From satellite imaging of pastures to tracking of animal health, JetBov is revolutionizing cattle farming in Brazil. The founder, Xisto Alves de Souza Jr., tells WIPO Magazine how his technology is boosting performance and profitability for beef farmers and improving land use.

(Photo: Courtesy of Panublix)

Well-knit: building a stable platform for sustainable fashion in Southeast Asia

Panublix is leading the way towards sustainable fashion by connecting fiber producers, artisans, designers and consumers. Co-founder Noreen Bautista explains how the company promotes Indigenous knowledge and an eco-friendly farm-to-fashion business model.

(Photo: Courtesy of YiGa Chocolate)

Bhutan’s YiGa Chocolate: How a six-minute cake recipe sparked business success

The idea for YiGa Chocolate, Bhutan’s pioneering artisanal chocolate-making company, was hatched in 2017, during a mother-daughter baking session. The company is fast making a name for itself as one of Bhutan's premium chocolate exporters.

(Photo: Slavica Ćirić)

Securing Serbia’s cultural heritage: the case of “Kilim of Pirot”

Vladimir Marić, Director of the Intellectual Property Office of Serbia explores the cultural significance of Kilim weaving in the Serbian town of Pirot and the benefits of securing geographical indication status for these distinctive, high-quality textiles.

(Photo: Courtesy of Subama Mapou)

Building sustainable futures with traditional knowledge in New Caledonia

Subama Mapou, a young Kanak scientist from New Caledonia comes from a long line of traditional healers. She discusses her work in supporting local Indigenous groups, and how IP is enabling her to leverage the value of New Caledonia’s natural resources and traditional knowledge.

(Photo: © Riot Games)

Esports: an overview of a new(ish) frontier in digital entertainment

Esports are growing in popularity, with the expanding esports industry expected to generate USD 1.38 billion in 2022 according to Newzoo. Andrea Rizzi explores the legal complexity surrounding e-sports and the need for a balanced and effective governance system.

(Photo: WIPO/Berrod)

Everyone can tackle water scarcity with Hydraloop

With record-breaking droughts around the globe, water scarcity is a top concern. Find out how Hydraloop, an award-winning decentralized graywater management system, promises to tackle the global water crisis by cutting household wastewater emissions by 45 percent.

(Photo: WIPO/Berrod)

Stogie T: hip hop, IP and all that jazz

Pioneering South African hip hop artist, Stogie T, talks about his passion for hip hop music, his recent signing with Def Jam Africa, and how important it is for young musicians to understand how to protect and manage their IP rights.

(Photo: Courtesy of Li Binglu)

Revolutionizing communication with emojis

Binglu’s award-winning video documents the creation of GIF emojis to ensure nothing ever gets lost in translation and no opportunities are missed due to breakdowns in communication.

(Photo: Courtesy of Hekma Jabouli)

Syrian engineering student’s award-winning exoskeleton promises to change lives

Hekma Jabouli was just 25-years-old when she created a smart electronic lower body exoskeleton to help her sister walk again. She hopes her patent-protected invention will be a game-changer enabling others to regain their mobility and independence.


New generation memory chips promise to cut energy use

Dr. Shunpei Yamazaki, a pioneer in the field of semiconductors and founder and President of Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. in Japan, explains how new generation memory chips promise to cut energy use.

(Photo: Jonathan Erasmus / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Villgro Africa: helping health startups take their ideas to market

Find out how Villgro Africa, a Nairobi-based business incubator and early-stage investor focusing on health and life sciences, is working to transform Africa’s innovation landscape and helping startups take their ideas to market.

(Photo: Courtesy of Eco Panplas)

Eco Panplas: better recycling of lubricant containers

Find out how the award-winning solution developed by Eco Panplas, a small Brazilian company is helping to make the recycling of machine lubricant containers cleaner, safer and more cost-effective.

(Photo: Courtesy of FIIXIT Orthotic Lab)

Getting rid of bulky plasters with 3-D printed technology

Discover FIIXIT Orthotic Lab, a Spanish company that is transforming the orthotics market with its customized 3-D printed splints.

(Photo: Courtesy of the Capital Copyright Society)

The Capital Copyright Society in China: supporting China’s creative industries

Bringing together creators, rights holders and legal specialists, the Capital Copyright Society (CCS) of China is a cross-sector professional organization is playing a key role in unlocking the latent value of China's creative economy in the field of copyright.

(Photo: Courtesy of NASA)

Tech transfer at NASA: bringing NASA technology down to earth

NASA’s well-established technology transfer program is reaching out to support startup companies and a greater range of entrepreneurs, enabling space-age inventions to transform products from bicycles to medical devices.

(Photo: Courtesy of Wobil Technologies)

Improving livelihoods with game-changing rice harvesting technology

Rice farming in Ghana remains rooted in tradition, but with his Multi-Stage Rice Thresher, young agri-entrepreneur John Wobil is seeking to modernize rice harvesting and help farmers optimize rice yields.

(Photo: iStock/Jamesbowyer)

Mitigating the effects of climate change on aquaculture: the case of abalone

Climate change is putting fish and shellfish farming (aquaculture) under stress. South African biotech company MariHealth Solutions is developing probiotics that can help aquaculture farmers monitor the health of their highly prized seafood in increasingly stressful conditions.

(Photo: Courtesy of Andra Fembriarto)

Young film director’s drive to promote Indonesian culture

Young Indonesian writer and filmmaker Andara (Andra) Fembriarto talks about the inspiration for his fantasy novel Galeo of The Seawalkers, and his plans to introduce global audiences to the wonders of Indonesian culture by adapting it to different creative formats.

(Photo: Courtesy of AirCare)

Timely trademark registration: lessons from AirCare

Securing trademark rights over a brand is an important step in building and developing a business. Gorjan Jovanovski, CEO of AirCare in North Macedonia, shares the costly lesson he learned about the importance of timely registration of trademark rights.

(Photo: Courtesy of Goho App)

Goho App: helping Zimbabwe’s young farmers tackle climate change

Find out how the Goho App is helping to educate young farmers tackle the effects of climate change in Zimbabwe.

(Photo: iStock / nito100)

New license agreement enables production of an innovative HIV prophylactic medicine for high-risk groups

ViiV pharmaceutical and the Medicines Patent Pool recently signed a voluntary license to enable generic access of injectable cabotegravir for HIV PrEP in 90 low- and middle-income countries.

(Photo: Courtesy of Netflix)

Running Up That Hill: an ‘80s hit makes millions in royalties thanks to Stranger Things

Nearly 40 years after its release Kate Bush’s hit Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) is topping the charts thanks to Stranger Things (Season Four). Find out how this Netflix phenomenon has taken an ‘80s theme to the top once again.

(Photo: iStock / Manjurul)

Pioneering Indian microbiome research startup on a drive to transform healthcare

Did you know that the interaction of microbes in our bodies can improve human health? Indian researcher and CEO of Xome Life Sciences, Piyush Bhanu, is developing a pioneering microbiome technology to combat food intolerance such as celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

(Photo: © MIT/Halsey Burgund)

Artificial intelligence: deepfakes in the entertainment industry

From traditional entertainment to gaming, deep fake technology has become increasingly convincing and accessible to the public. But what impact is this technology likely to have on the entertainment and media ecosystem?

(Photo: naratrip wboonroung / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

The metaverse, NFTs and IP rights: to regulate or not to regulate?

Over the last year, the metaverse and NFTs have fueled debates about their anticipated global impact and the question of whether there is an urgent need for new regulations to adapt to these new innovations.

(Photo: Courtesy of Apheris)

Apheris: solving the data privacy dilemma

How do you enable sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) tools while respecting the privacy and protecting Intellectual Property of data assets? Apheris, a Berlin-based startup believes federated learning provides the answer.

(Photo: Yok_Piyapong / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Developing and protecting your online brand: tips for the new entrepreneur

You’ve done it! Developed an online store, connected to a YouTube channel, developed an app, lined up some investors and developed great content and merchandise. Here are some practical tips for new entrepreneurs when they are developing an online brand.

(Photo: Courtesy of Isabella Springmuhl)

Isabella Springmuhl brings inclusive Guatemalan designs to the fashion world

Guatemalan designer Isabella Springmuhl, the first designer with Down’s Syndrome to feature in London Fashion week, is using her brand, Down to Xjabelle, to break stereotypes and promote diversity and inclusion in the fashion world, and IP is supporting her endeavor.

(Photo: Sipa USA / Alamy Stock Photo)

How the boy band BTS is using IP to build its legacy

The Korean boy band, BTS, is one of the most successful groups of all time. Find out how the band is leveraging its IP rights to build a fun-filled universe of music and content that offers fans multiple ways to engage.

(Photo: Courtesy of Hyunwoo Yuk)

Barnacle-inspired glue helps stem rapid blood loss

Every year, millions of people die due to rapid blood loss from serious injuries and invasive surgeries. MIT researcher Hyunwoo Yuk’s innovative toothpaste-like glue, inspired by the humble barnacle, promises to alleviate the problem.

(Photo: Lou Linwei / Alamy Stock Photo)

The intangible bullet

From the hallmarks on Chinese pottery to the latest innovations, China’s creative economy has always related to intellectual property. Today, the Beijing Software and Information Services Exchange is the fast train for IP development.

(Photo: © Gjenge Makers)

Building a better future with recycled plastic

Kenyan young entrepreneur Nzambi Matee is committed to making the circular economy a reality. Inspired by the late environmental conservationist and Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai, she explains how she came to establish Gjenge Makers, which produces affordable building materials from recycled plastic.

(Photo: Courtesy of Duolingo)

Duolingo: learning a new language with an AI owl

Duolingo, the world’s leading mobile learning platform, believes that artificial intelligence (AI) is the best way to scale education. Find out how the company is fostering language learning through AI and machine learning.

(Photo: Courtesy of SimplyGood)

SimplyGood: moving to a greener cleaning at home

Liguid cleaning solutions are typically packed in single-use plastics, which are clogging up the world’s oceans and waterways. An ingenious alternative from Singaporean startup SimplyGood promises to make it easier for consumers to take action at home that has a positive impact on the planet.

(Photo: Courtesy of Ory Lab Inc.)

Japanese robotics company solves loneliness with futuristic communication

Find out how Japanese robotics company, Ory Lab Inc., is tackling loneliness resulting from physical and cognitive disability through alter-ego robots.

(Photo: Courtesy of IFMPA)

Healthbotics Limited: digitalizing the health sector in Africa with blockchain technology

Healthbotics Limited, a healthcare startup in Nigeria, is developing game-changing AI-driven solutions to improve healthcare in Africa.

(Source: Shokz.com)

Shenzhen Shokz: Bone conduction technology for a new listening experience

Pioneering bone conduction technology developed by Shenzhen Shotz offers users a new listening experience. Find out how the company’s commitment to innovation and its robust IP strategy are enabling it to thrive.

(Photo: Courtesy of OEPM)

Advancing cell growth research backed by collaborative innovation ecosystems

Inventor David Martínez Martín is at the forefront of cell investigation and is working to build collaborative innovation ecosystems to advance applied sciences.

(Photo: IHOR IVANOV/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Young Saudi designer adds a contemporary feel to traditional Al Sadu weaving

Find out how Young Saudi designer, Noura Al-Omair, is adding a contemporary feel to traditional Al Sadu weaving.

(Photo: Courtesy of Amir Patel)

Cheetah research results in new biomedical devices to support patient rehabilitation

Find out how South African researcher Amir Patel’s fascination with cheetahs triggered an innovation journey that has led to a number of innovations in robotics, and machine learning (artificial intelligence) and more affordable and accessible biomechanical devices for orthopedics and neurological disease that require rehabilitation with a 3D force plate.

(Photo: Courtesy of Aww Inc.)

Digital influencers herald a new era of branding

Digital influencers, or virtual humans, are the latest trend in social media marketing. Find out how the avant-garde Japanese start-up Aww Inc. is changing behaviors and powering tomorrow’s brands with its newly minted virtual humans.

(Photo: SK-Studio / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Young inventor builds his own prosthetic arm with LEGO®

Find out how David Aguilar Amphoux’s passion for LEGO led him to self-build his own prosthetic arm using LEGO® bricks, a world first.

(Photo: Shuji Goto)

Young Japanese inventor’s ingenious robot on wheels supports climate action

Find out how Muraki Kazumi came to invent the world’s smallest interactive carbon capture device. It can absorb up to six liters of CO2 in one hour at the press of a button.

(Photo: Courtesy of T. Dhikra Al Harrasi)

Omani teenager’s answer to plastic pollution

Omani teenager’s biodegradable plastic offers an interesting alternative to single-use plastics.

(Photo: Courtesy of USPTO)

Alleviating food hunger and reducing food waste with innovation

Award-winning invention creates an opportunity for everyone to tackle food waste.

(Photo: Courtesy of Modern Ilongga)

Modern Ilongga: celebrating Indigenous culture through fashion

Modern Ilonnga, a thriving social enterprise in Iloilo in the Philippines, is glamming up the traditional Filipino handicraft industry and putting a spotlight on the region’s high-quality, creative, culturally enriched and locally grown products.

(Photo: © Ted Martin)

Team Antigua Island Girls: One of the Toughest Teams in the World

On a cool afternoon in late January 2019, four women rowed into Nelson’s Dockyard English Harbour and Antigua as history-makers. On that day, Team Antigua Island Girls became the first all-female Caribbean team to complete the grueling Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge and the first all-black team to row across the Atlantic. Read on to find out what role IP played in enabling this epic journey.

(Photo: © NF Health Care, Thailand)

NF Health Care: preventing pressure ulcers with innovative, low-cost devices

Every day millions of patients around the world suffer pain and discomfort from pressure ulcers. Using high-quality local materials, the Thai SME, NF Health Care, founded by Professor Nalinee Kovitwanawong, is producing a range of affordable pressure ulcer-prevention devices to support patient recovering and alleviate healthcare burdens.

(Photo: Courtesy of Eldar Rizayev)

Turkmen inventor finds new cost-saving ways to recycle rubber and plastic waste

Recognizing the pressing need to tackle environmental pollution from rubber and plastic waste, Rizayev Eldar Guseynovich, a young Turkmen entrepreneur, is developing new ways to transform garbage into a a range of economically useful products.

(Photo: © Ottobock)

Competing in winter sports with one leg and a prosthetic: game on for parathletes at Beijing 2022

Before special sports prostheses came along, winter paralympic athletes found it difficult to put in their very best performances on the slopes. Innovative prosthetics, such as ProCarve are a game-changer for athletes, such as those going for gold at the 2022 Paralympic Games in Beijing.

(Photo: Romolo Tavani/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Putting Indonesian tea on the map: From Bogor to Vegas

Find out how Indonesian entrepreneur Ekasari Iriana is building the Sila brand of tea and transforming a locally made product from a common commodity into an asset of value.

(Photo: Courtesy of Beewise)

Beewise: out-of-the-box thinking to save the world’s bees

Saar Safra, CEO of Israeli start-up Beewise, is on a mission to save bees and at scale using artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision and robotics. Find out how his company’s high-tech solution is helping to save the world’s bees.

(Photo: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

The IP Journey of an Olympic Games

With the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games now well underway, most people will be wondering who is going to win the next gold medal. Discover the role that IP plays in safeguarding the unique character of this top-tier sporting event.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Biodôme du Maroc)

Biodôme du Maroc brings renewable energy to local farmers

Dr. Fatima Zahra Beraich, CEO of Biodôme du Maroc, is helping local farmers to reduce energy consumption by implementing biogas technology. Discover the first company in Morocco specializing in recovering organic waste through natural treatment and environmentally friendly processes.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Lina and Tom)

A History of Intellectual Property in 50 Objects

Through the lens of a series of everyday objects that embody IP, the authors of this exciting book, discuss how they went about conveying to everyday readers and specialists alike, just why IP matters so much and why it is so interesting.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Foodics)

Foodics: Pairing the Food Industry with Technology

In their student days, Ahmad Al-Zaini and Mosab Al-Othmani hatched the idea to create their smart cloud-based software for restaurant managers. Find out how Foodics’ real-time solution is digitalizing the service industry in Saudi Arabia.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Bioestibas)

Sustainable storage: eco-pallets made from flower stems

Colombian-based Bioestibas, the first ecological pallet plant in Latin America, has found an ingenious way to transform the agricultural waste (hydrangea stems) produced by the country’s flower growers into high-performance eco-pallets.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Ottobock)

Innovative prostheses help para athletes achieve their goals

In late summer 2021, athletes with disabilities from around the world competed at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Maja Hoock, Manager of Corporate Communications Research and Development (R&D) at the leading German prosthetics company, Ottobock, explains how IP-protected sports prostheses help athletes make the most of their abilities.


Transforming waste pulp into a new feedstock for the chemical industry

Every year, the South African pulping industry produces millions of tonnes of lignin, a waste wood component, which researchers from Stellenbosch University are converting into a new feedstock for the chemical industry.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Graphenel JSC)

Graphenel: pioneering graphene production in Viet Nam

Graphenel JSC, based in Ho Chi Minh City, is a technology company with a novel approach to graphene production. Jane Phung, the company’s international business development manager, discusses the role IP plays in supporting Graphenel’s ambition to become a leading supplier of graphene-based materials.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Google Creative Lab, Sydney, Australia)

Uncanny Valley: charting a new era of musical creativity

Charlton Hill, Co-founder and Head of Innovation at Uncanny Valley, a Sydney-based progressive music technology company discusses the company’s ambitions to speed-up, democratize and re-shape music production through the use of artificial intelligence.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Mootral)

Mootral: Saving the climate, one cow at a time

As ruminants, cows produce methane, which traps significantly higher levels of heat than carbon dioxide. Find out how Mootral's innovative natural feed supplement is reducing greenhouse gas emissions from cows, which is critical in building a greener future.

(Photo: © Courtesy of MSP)

Mauricio de Sousa Productions: comic success underpinned by intellectual property

Did you grow up with “Monica’s Friends”? Founded over 60 years ago, Mauricio de Sousa Productions has become one of Brazil’s most successful comic book and animation publishers. What role has IP played in this success?

(Photo: © Courtesy of Tusk Engineers)

Eco-Friendly Bio-Latrines in Uganda: Turning Waste into High-Quality Fertilizer and Biogas

Soil degradation, inadequate sanitation and air pollution are interconnected issues that Tusk Engineers are fixing through the development and deployment of bio-latrines that are improving living standards in rural areas in Uganda.

(Photo: © Getty/AvigatorPhotographer)

Treating waste water in the Philippines with Vigorim

Find out how Vigormin, a white powder comprising several organo-minerals is improving wastewater treatment in the Philippines.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Nizwa Farm, 1 Million Palm Tree Project – Diwan Royal Court)

Oman: Pollinating Date Palms with AI and Drones

Find out how Wakan Tech, an Omani start-up is transforming date production with artificial intelligence, robotics and drones making it a more cost-effective and attractive activity for new generations of date farmers.

(Photo: © Courtesy of AQUALONIS)

Harvesting fog to relieve water shortages in arid regions

When we think about sources of water, fog is perhaps not the first thing that springs to mind. But a pioneering new water technology called the CloudFisher® offers communities facing severe water shortages in arid and foggy coastal or mountainous regions an affordable and sustainable source of clean water.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Rory Cooper)

Paralympian Rory Cooper drives innovation for people with disabilities

Rory Cooper, a Paralympian and a serial inventor, is committed to improving the quality of life and participation of people with disabilities through engineering and technology. Find out about his pioneering work and how IP helps ensure his inventions reach the market and help people.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Corbana)

The Banano de Costa Rica Geographical Indication: Supporting Environmental Sustainability

Banana production is extremely important to Costa Rica’s economy, one of the world’s top banana-exporting nations. In 2011, the Banano de Costa Rica became the country’s first registered geographical indication (GI), which reflects the distinctive quality of the fruit and producers’ strong commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

(Images: © Courtesy of CORTESÍA DE IVANA MAGLIONE)

Global publishing post-COVID: an interview with Bodour Al Qasimi

President of the International Publishers’ Association, Sheika Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi discusses the challenges confronting publishers in the post-COVID era.

(Images: © Courtesy of JSC Laser Systems)

JSC Laser Systems: Innovation as collateral for finance

JSC Laser Systems benefits from a new program to boost the development of knowledge-intensive industries in the Russian Federation.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Oded Shoseyov)

Bio-engineering: unlocking nature’s treasures

For Professor Oded Shoseyov, a pioneering materials engineer, serial inventor and entrepreneur, nature is a source of inspiration. He discusses some of his most significant inventions and how IP rights help ensure they are widely accessible to society.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Julius K-9®)

Julius K9®: harnessing innovation to meet dog lovers’ needs

Gyula Sebő founder and CEO of Julius K-9®, a leading canine accessories brand, who has dedicated his professional life to pet welfare innovations, explains why it is so important for companies like his to have a carefully crafted IP strategy in place from day one.