Universities and Intellectual Property

Universities and public research institutions (PRIs) are the factories of the knowledge economy.

Intellectual property (IP) adds another mechanism for universities to disseminate the knowledge that they generate and to have that knowledge used in the economic sector.

What we do

We provide advice, support and resources to help universities and PRIs around the world tap into their IP and continue fueling the innovation that drives society forward.


We maintain a non-exhaustive list of free resources for universities and PRIs.

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Database of IP Policies from Universities and Research Institutions

What better way to learn than from others? Search intellectual property policies, manuals and model agreements from universities and research institutions worldwide.

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Knowledge Transfer for Universities

For great ideas to flourish, they need to make their way from universities and research centers into the hands of the consumer. Understanding IP issues around knowledge transfer can help get discoveries from the lab to the marketplace.

University IP in action

A selection of case studies on the topic of IP policies and knowledge transfer in practice. Find more case studies.

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Life in 3D

Find out about one pioneering scientist's work on bridging the gap between the 2D and 3D worlds.

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Ball power

What if you could help solve sustainability problems simply by playing football?

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Developing innovation

A test for genetic deafness in newborns is just one invention from Brazil's first university-based technology transfer office.

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Satellite surveying

Imagine being able to use satellites in space to identify areas at risk of landslides, floods, earthquakes, and more.