Why Intellectual Property is Essential for your Business

A well-crafted intellectual property strategy can help maximize the potential of your business. Using and understanding the IP rights, you can:

• secure competitive advantages
• generate revenue streams
• reduce tax liability
• serve as a source of competitive intelligence
• facilitate access to financing
• attract investors and partners
• avoid and mitigate relevant risks

IP diagnostics

WIPO IP Diagnostics

The IP Diagnostic Tool helps you identify your business' IP assets and provides you with an automated report with basic information on how to manage these assets.

Benefits of intellectual property rights for a business

  • A brand sets a business apart from its competitors, building trust and consumer loyalty. Learn more about trademarks.
  • From reassuring investors to increasing margins, using your patents strategically can improve your bottom line.
  • Protecting the way your product looks with an industrial design can provide a major competitive advantage.
  • Copyright protects the expression of an idea, in different forms.
  • When the source and authenticity matter, using geographical indications can identify your product as being the real deal.
  • Trade secrets have the potential to protect a wide range of information that has commercial value due to its confidential nature.
  • Plant breeding results in new, improved plant varieties that are an important and sustainable means of achieving food security in the context of population growth and climate change.

WIPO tools and resources for businesses

WIPO programs and other initiatives to support businesses and innovators

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IP Management Clinics for SMEs

Support for innovative companies in formulating their IP strategies.

IP diagnostics
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Inventor Assistance Program

Empowering inventors and small businesses to navigate the patent system.

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Patent Drafting Training Program

Improving the skills of those filing patent applications.

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Videogame Development: A Quest for IP

Are you a videogame developer looking to level up? Learn how IP can benefit your business growth and help you to succeed.

IP diagnostics
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Entrepreneurs Online Network

Strategies, insights from experts and available resources to put IP to use for businesses.

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Intellectual Property Finance

Learn more about how to monetize and leverage your IP assets.


Expand your business with IP rights

IP audit

Conduct an IP audit to review the IP owned and used by your business.

Secure financing

Use your IP assets to secure financing for your business.

IP valuation

Understand the economic value of your IP assets by carrying out an IP valuation.

Assignment and licensing

Earn revenues through assignment and licensing of your IP assets.

IP in action – learn how SMEs are using their IP

Learn how businesses use the IP system and benefit from their IP rights with our stories.

Video: IP is critical to Enda’s success as a shoe manufacturer

Video: Why investing in IP early pays off

Video: Expert tips to build your IP strategy

More about IP in your business sector

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IP and Tourism

Do you own a hotel or restaurant, run a rental car business, manage a travel agency or any other business that provides services to tourists? Find out how the IP system may be able to help you.

Applications developer working from home
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IP and Mobile Applications

Intellectual property (IP) mechanisms help mobile application developers and publishers to generate more income from their creations.

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Indigenous SMEs and IP

SMEs run by indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs) can face additional challenges and concerns as they begin to navigate the IP system.