Article 6ter

Article 6ter of the Paris Convention protects the flags and emblems of states that are party to the Paris Convention, as well as the names and emblems of international intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) against unauthorized registration and use as trademarks.

Article 6ter applies to all states which are party to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. The protection granted by Article 6ter is also extended to the names and emblems of IGOs whose members include at least one country of the Paris Union.

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Procedure for states

Information for states to avail themselves of Article 6ter.

Procedure for IGOs

Information for International IGOs wishing to avail themselves of Article 6ter.

Legal texts


Article 6ter Express database

Search the Article 6ter Express database for the State emblems, and names, abbreviations and other emblems of IGOs, which have been communicated for protection under Article 6ter.

Download of Article 6ter files

Article 6ter files (bibliographic data, images, circulars, and a change log) are available for download through:

For technical support, please contact our customer service center. For questions on the files, please use our contact form.

Article 6ter updates

Publication of signs for which protection under Article 6ter is requested takes place twice a year via the Article 6ter Express database.

Email updates

Article 6ter Updates – Notification of the publication in the Article 6ter database of signs for which protection is requested. 2 per year.

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