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Hague System – The International Design System

Protecting your designs internationally since 1925

What is the Hague System?

The Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs provides a practical business solution for registering up to 100 designs in 94 countries PDF, List of Hague contracting parties, by filing a single international application.

  • Nationals of…
  • Anyone with domicile or habitual residence in…
  • Anyone with a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment in…

…any of the Hague System’s 77 members (referred to as “contracting parties”)– including all countries in the European Union (EU) and the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI) – can use the Hague System.


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You can secure design protection within any Hague System contracting party. If you wish to protect a design in a jurisdiction that is not party to the Hague Agreement, you will have to file a national (or regional) application.

International design applications are subject to the payment of three types of fees, all payable in Swiss francs (CHF):

  • a basic fee (397 CHF for one design; 19 CHF for each additional design included in the same application);
  • a publication fee (17 CHF for each reproduction; 150 CHF for each page on which one or more reproductions are shown); and
  • a standard designation fee or an individual designation fee for each contracting party where you seek protection. Note: a three-level structure applies to standard designation fees, reflecting the level of examination carried out by the contracting party.

Find out more: Calculate your fees | Fees and payment methods | Online payment

Hague System online services – eHague

Use eHague to file your international design applications and manage your registrations.

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How to use the Hague System

The Hague System supports you throughout the lifecycle of your designs, from application for protection through to renewal.

Watch this brief introduction to designs and their international protection through the WIPO Hague System. video

Digital Information Kit – interactive information on applying for design protection internationally. (Download print version PDF, Hague System Information Kit)

How the Hague System works

Learn all about the process of securing international design protection.

Filing international design applications

File your international design applications online to have digital access to your portfolio.

Managing international design registrations

Update (transfer ownership, renunciation, limitation, etc.) and renew your international registration directly through WIPO.

Searching protected designs

Check what your competitors are doing by searching existing designs before you file an international design application.

Benefits of the Hague System


Protect your designs in over 90 countries, with more joining soon.


One international application can include up to 100 designs.


Save time and money thanks to the single application framework.


Easily manage your international design registrations directly with WIPO.

Download our brochure pdf to find out more about the main features and advantages of using the Hague System.

Designs in Action

Follow our Designs in Action stories, for insights into how designs protected through the Hague System work in the real world.

Photo of a red and black RGNT motorcycle parked in an urban area
(Photo: RGNT)

Classic Meets Modern with RGNT Motorcycles

Inspired by the quiet streets of Beijing during a visit in 2018, Swedish entrepreneur and long-time biker, Jonathan Åstrom, developed an idea to create an electric motorbike that combines retro-design with the latest cutting-edge technology used in modern cars.

Photo of a selection of Xiaomi's simple, elegant smart home devices
(Photo: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi – Improving Lives through Good Design

In this story, we take you on a journey to China – the newest member of the Hague System – to find out more about Xiaomi Corporation's designs and their plans to leverage WIPO's international design system later this year.

Photo of an On shoe on a runner's foot, with graphic illustrating CloudTec®
(Photo: On)

Designing for High Performance and Style – "On" Running Shoes

On's designs blend the ornamental and the functional, with the philosophy that the structure of the shoe itself is beautiful. Why hide the shoe's technology if you could make it stylish instead, "On" asked, and the shoe became instantly recognizable.

Join the Hague System

The Hague System currently has 77 members covering 94 countries. When filing an international application under the Hague System, applicants can designate as few or as many of those contracting parties as desired.

Interested in becoming a member of the Hague System?

Find out all about how to become a member of the Hague System and what the benefits are.

(Photo: Getty/bagotaj)

Questions about the Hague System?

Our Hague System Customer Service team is available to answer all your questions and assist you throughout the lifecycle of your international design applications and registrations. To ensure optimal handling of enquiries use Contact Hague.

Contact Hague | Phone +41 22 338 7575 (Monday to Friday, 09:00–18:00 (CET))