Case Studies on Intellectual Property (IP Advantage)

The case studies in the IP Advantage database offer insights into how IP works in the real world, and how its successful exploitation can contribute to development.


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(Photo: Ananda Computers)

Localizing Technology: The Story of Bijoy

Mustafa Jabbar changed the printing and publishing industry in Bangladesh with the introduction of his popular Bangla script writing interface system, Bijoy Bangla Software and Keyboard Layout.


Mandy Haberman: Feeding Innovation for Over 35 Years

“Mumpreneur”, Mandy Haberman makes strategic use of her IP to create licensing opportunities her award-winning Anywayup® cup and newly-introduced Haberman® Suckle Feeder.


Experience the Future of Sound with KISSonix 3D

KISSonix Inc. brings a high-quality, 3D sound environment to the general public through a specially developed encoding system which converts regular sound sources to 3D audio.

(Photo: KYMDAN)

KYMDAN: A Strong Name Half a Century in the Making

Saigon-Kymdan Rubber Stock Company (KYMDAN) has created a strong brand name through its effect use of IP to build one of the largest producers of natural latex mattress and pillow products in Viet Nam.

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