Pat-INFORMED – The Gateway to Medicine Patent Information

The Patent Information Initiative for Medicines (Pat-INFORMED) provides a service to the global health community, particularly those involved in procurement of medicines, by facilitating easy access to medicine patent information.

Anyone can search the Pat-INFORMED database simply by entering a medicine’s INN (International Nonproprietary Name) to obtain relevant information about its patent status in a particular country. Uniquely, Pat-INFORMED also provides a facility for procurement agencies to make follow-up inquiries directly with participating companies.

Access the Pat-INFORMED database

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Which therapeutic areas does Pat-INFORMED cover?

Pat-INFORMED currently provides information on key patents for all small-molecule products submitted by participants in the Initiative. The following therapeutic areas are covered:

  • HIV/ AIDS, Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Hepatitis C, Oncology, Respiratory conditions; and
  • All products on the WHO Essential Medicines List (EML) that are not within these six areas.

Who can use Pat-INFORMED?

Anyone can search Pat-INFORMED. It is of particular use to pharmaceutical procurement services and related specialists of:

  • International bodies and donors
  • National pharmaceutical services
  • Ministries of health
  • National patent offices

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Pat-INFORMED is an initiative of WIPO, the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA) and 20 leading, research-based biopharmaceutical companies.

These 20 companies chose to voluntarily provide information on key patents for their approved pharmaceutical products in therapeutic categories covered by Pat-INFORMED. They also commit to respond to bona fide inquiries from procurement agencies.

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A public-private partnership between WIPO and the research-based pharmaceutical industry, Pat-INFORMED builds on the strength of each sector to tackle global health challenges.


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