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These stories show how WIPO is supporting entrepreneurs, inventors and creators around the world to use intellectual property (IP) to add value to their products, support business growth, create employment and promote economic development.

Development Agenda (DA) Projects


Photo: WIPO/Arya

Sustainable Tourism Boost in Bali: SMEs Harness Intellectual Property for Growth

Discover the inspiring journey of Yessy Catrina, Gomgom Panggabean, and Wayan Gede Gunada, innovative entrepreneurs from Bali, as they shape tourism while preserving cultural heritage. The three business owners are also beneficiaries of a project launched on May 16th, 2023, by WIPO and Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy that aims to support sustainable tourism development through IP in Bali and establish Bali as a prominent global destination with a strong and vibrant cultural identity.


Empowering African Women in Agribusiness through Knowledge and Resources: WIPO Regional Conference on IP for Women in Agribusiness

Over 120 inspiring women entrepreneurs in agribusiness from across Africa assembled in Kigali, Rwanda, for WIPO's regional IP conference held from May 15 to 17, 2023. This extraordinary gathering served as a platform for these visionary individuals to explore how IP could elevate the worth of their products and drive the expansion of their businesses.

Preserving the Art of Algerian Carpet-Making: Discover the Intricate Craft of the 'Babar' Carpet and the Skilled Women of Khenchela

Discover the fascinating art of Algerian carpet-making through this captivating video featuring the 'Babar' carpet, hand-woven by skilled Algerian women in the region of Khenchela.

These talented artisans are not only preserving their ancestral techniques but also innovating and modernizing their craft, passing it down to the younger generation through creative designs.

The women of Khenchela are being supported by WIPO's Algeria office to create a collective mark to promote and protect their cultural heritage. By preserving this traditional craft, these women are ensuring that their rich history lives on, contributing to their country's economic growth and development.

Painting a Brighter Future: How Daysi Campusano's SME, Arte en Coro, is Making a Difference in the Dominican Republic

The inspiring story of Daysi Campusano and her eco-art endeavor, Arte en Coro, is leaving a positive impact on the Dominican Republic. As the founder of this creative small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), Daysi and her six employees offer unique painting workshops that combine art, fun, and relaxation, benefiting vulnerable children and adults alike.

Thanks to the intellectual property (IP) protection she sought to safeguard her brand and artistic works, Daysi's creative legacy has prospered. From participating in fashion week to utilizing art as a therapeutic tool for children in need, Arte en Coro is making a difference in the lives of many.


From Gaming Apps to Nation Branding in Cabo Verde: Youthful Cabo Verdeans Propose Innovative Ideas at WIPO-Organized IP Hack

Twenty-eight-year-old Rui Bento da Graca is among the prize-winning innovators at a recent “IP Hack” hosted by WIPO for young Cabo Verdeans, who used the online event to explore how IP can help stimulate their country’s social and economic development.

Cambodian Knitted Plushies Help Women One Stitch at a Time

For dozens of impoverished women in and around the Cambodian capital, hand-made, eco-friendly toys are bringing relief.

Senegalese Fashion Designer Satitia Gomis: A Modern Take on Traditional Cloth

25-year-old fashion designer Satitia Gomis from Ziguinchor, Senegal, is weaving the present into the past – by putting a modern twist on traditional cloth from the Manjack, her ethnic group.

Satitia combines the traditional Manjack cloth with current fabrics to produce comfortable and stylish everyday wear. With her fashion brand, Satitia is keeping her cultural heritage alive and setting new trends: “I want to be a source of pride for my Manjack community while also creating something new”, she says.

WIPO supported the development of Satitia’s business under the Indigenous and Local Community Women Entrepreneurship Program.

Healers in Ethiopia are looking beyond their communities to share their traditional medicine

Both Mulu Almaw's herbal skincare products and Getachew Dimtse's shampoos are made with all-natural ingredients, but the similarities don't stop there: By trademarking their products, these entrepreneurs are reaching new markets and growing their businesses – while helping more people with their traditional remedies.

Photo: Ivannia Lazzaro

WIPO Academy Alumni Spotlight: Ivannia Lazzaro

Ivannia Lazzaro is one of many WIPO Academy alumni applying her intellectual property knowledge and skills in innovative and creative fields. She is an artist and owns a creative small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), which she protects using IP as a tool to ensure her creations live on to serve her business, her family and her community.

Ugandan entrepreneur, teacher and mother, Caroline Matuvo, launches successful detergent brand from her backyard

Caroline Matovu is helping keep her local community clean and safe through her detergent business. She is behind the product 'Trion', which has amassed a significant number of customers including hospitals, schools and supermarkets. 

With a strong desire to keep our world clean and healthy, Caroline's strong brand has allowed her customers to continue making the easy choice of gearing themselves towards her product. 

Through a tailored mentorship program, Caroline is one of many women WIPO is supporting to register their trademarks.

Collective marks used as a tool for development for entrepreneurs and SMEs

WIPO is supporting local producers in Bolivia, Brazil, Philippines and Tunisia, encouraging them to use IP tools such as collective marks to add value to their local products and services.

Through this empowering project, more than 420 entrepreneurs and SMEs in rural areas are developing and registering their trademarks. This video was produced as a part of materials for capacity-building.

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