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Whether you are seeking statistical, legal or technical information, this page is a gateway to our unique collections of resources and reference material. We make all our publications and data collections freely available online.

IP and technology databases

WIPO's global databases make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to access the wealth of information in the IP system. They are based on our commitment to creating an inter-connected and inclusive knowledge-sharing IP infrastructure to support innovation worldwide.

The Global Dissemination of IP Data initiative encourages and supports the exchange of IP data among national/regional IP offices and WIPO.


Search the technology contained in more than million patent documents, including international patent applications submitted under the PCT.

Global Brand Database

Search brand information (trademarks, appellations of origin and official emblems) from multiple national and international sources, including marks registered through WIPO’s Madrid System.

Madrid Monitor – access up-to-date details on the status of trademarks registered under the Madrid System (trademarks which are currently in force or have expired within the past six months).

Global Design Database

Search industrial design registrations from the Hague System plus participating national collections.

Hague Express

Access details of industrial designs registered under the Hague System.

Lisbon Express

Search appellations of origin registered under the Lisbon system.

Article 6ter

Search for the State emblems, and names, abbreviations and other emblems of IGOs, which have been communicated for protection under Article 6ter.

WIPO Pearl

Use our multilingual terminology database to find accurate IP and technological terms and concepts in 10 languages, validated by WIPO’s terminology experts.

IP laws, treaties and judgments

WIPO-administered treaties

Find full texts, summaries and membership of the international IP treaties administered by WIPO.

WIPO Lex database

WIPO Lex is a global database that provides free of charge access to legal information on intellectual property (IP), including IP laws and regulations, WIPO-administered and IP related treaties, and leading judicial decisions on IP.

IP classifications and standards

International classifications

Four international classification systems facilitate and simplify IP searches. These classification systems organize a huge amount of information concerning inventions, trademarks, and industrial designs into indexed, manageable structures for easy retrieval:

WIPO Standards

The WIPO Standards for IP offices help streamline data processing procedures for filing, examining, publishing, granting and registering patents, trademarks and industrial designs. Common standards also assist the technical exchange of IP data between offices and WIPO, and facilitate the international dissemination of and access to IP information.

Analysis and insight

WIPO Technology Trends Report 2021

Assistive Technology

Global Innovation Index 2022

What is the future of innovation-driven growth?

World IP Indicators 2022

The Global IP System in 2021

World IP Report 2019

The Geography of Innovation: Local Hotspots, Global Networks

Information resources

IP statistics

WIPO cooperates with IP offices across the world to collate, analyze and publish up-to-date statistics, including reports on IP filing activity worldwide.


Search all official documents from WIPO meetings and Assemblies, as well as presentations from WIPO events.

WIPO publications

You can browse and download all our publications for free online.

Country profiles

Find IP profiles of all our member states, including statistics, legal information, case studies, photos and WIPO cooperation activities.

Case studies: IP Advantage

Search practical examples of IP in action, drawn from diverse fields around the globe.

WIPO Library

Access over 35,000 references to support your IP research, or contact our staff to help track down what you need.