WIPO's COVID-19 Response

WIPO has activated its business continuity protocol and moved to an almost entirely virtual work presence, with only a small pool of personnel retaining access to our Geneva, Switzerland headquarters. This is in line with public health authorities’ guidance to curb the further spread of COVID-19.

We are committed to ensuring that any transitional issues experienced by users, intellectual property (IP) offices and any other stakeholders in our processes are kept to a minimum despite these extenuating circumstances.


Online dashboard to monitor WIPO operations (Updated: May 22, 2020)



IP services and COVID-19

Details on how each WIPO service is continuing operations:

COVID-19 IP policy tracker and information repository

Many national and regional IP offices are implementing measures to assist applicants and owners of IP rights, for example by providing extensions of time or grace periods for fee payments.

A number of member states have or are considering special measures such as compulsory licenses should potentially relevant products and technologies be identified. Many in the private sector are implementing voluntary measures to assist and a multitude of technology and projects are ongoing.

To assist member states, organizations and individuals, WIPO has compiled – and will be continuously updating – a comprehensive repository.

Access WIPO's COVID-19 IP Policy Tracker

In publishing this tracker WIPO is pleased to support the UN General Assembly Resolution (A/74/L.52) on “global solidarity to fight Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)”, March 27, 2020 and its “Calls for intensified international corporation to contain, mitigate and defeat the pandemic, including by exchanging information, scientific knowledge and best practices”.

WIPO meetings and COVID-19

All events and meetings organized or co-organized by WIPO in Geneva or elsewhere up until the end of May will be postponed, and should that not be possible, cancelled.