Patent Analytics

Patent analytics uses patent information to uncover innovation insights and patterns in a particular area or technology field.

Patent analytics provides data-driven, evidence-based information that allows organizations make better strategic decisions in areas of research and development, innovation policies, IP commercialization and licensing, research collaboration, and many others.
Patent analytics is often carried out in several steps, such as obtaining data, evaluating it and finding patterns, and presenting results.

Mapping Innovations: Patents and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


This report maps global patents to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), providing invaluable insights into patent trends aligned with the SDGs.

COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapeutics

Patent Analytics provides some insights into related patenting activity for COVID-19 vaccines and treatments throughout the pandemic.

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Environment and sustainability

Technologies that promote sustainable use of natural resources, reduce environmental pollution and degradation, and mitigate the impact of climate change.


Technologies to improve agricultural practices, increase food production, and ensure food security.


Technologies to improve healthcare, prevent and cure diseases, promote healthy lifestyles, and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Chemicals and materials

Technologies related to the development, production, and use of chemicals and materials for various applications.

Information and Communication Technology

Technologies related to the processing, transmission, and management of information and data, including hardware, software, communication networks and infrastructure.

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Patent Landscape Reports

WIPO patent landscape reports provide an overview of the patenting activity in a particular technology field within a country or region, or worldwide. They can inform policy discussions, strategic research planning or technology transfer. They may also be used to analyze the validity of patents based on data about their legal status.

WIPO Technology Trends

This series of reports goes beyond patent data and includes other types of data, expert contributions and case studies, to provide solid, factual evidence on innovation in specific fields. The resulting knowledge base informs and supports business leaders, researchers and policy-makers in their decision-making.
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Reports by Other Organizations

A compilation of patent landscape reports many free of charge, published by other organizations and IP officers. You can search reports by topic, key words, issuing country or publication language.

Learn how to do patent analytics

Interested in learning how to do patent analytics? Visit WIPO resource hub for training materials in Patent Analytics or download some of the most popular ones directly to get you started.

Guidelines for Preparing Patent Landscape Reports

Learn about the steps to take in order to create a quality patent landscape report, including best practices and community standards.

Patent Analytics Handbook

Download the WIPO Patent Analytics Handbook to discover an introduction to advanced patent analytics methods and to learn about the tools and skills that patent analysts can use in their everyday work.

Manual on Open Source Patent Analytics

Explore the latest free and open source tools that could be used for patent analytics, from databases to visualization tools and the use of programming languages.