Mapping Innovations: Patents and the Sustainable Development Goals

This WIPO patent analytics report sheds light on the intersection of patent activity and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), providing crucial insights into the impact of IP in advancing global sustainability efforts. The intersection of patents and the SDGs offers a unique lens and help track innovation aligned with the SDGs across diverse technology landscapes.
It provides a quantifiable measure of the intellectual capital being invested in each goal, offering a tangible representation of the commitment to sustainable development within the global innovation landscape.
The report tracks how patents contribute to progressing towards and achieving the SDGs, revealing the latest patent trends across the SDGs. It shows the pivotal role of IP in steering development towards sustainability, and can be used to empower decision-makers, policymakers, and innovators to make data-driven choices, allocate resources effectively, and foster collaboration in areas where inventive contributions are most needed.

Mapping Innovations: Patents and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


This report maps global patents to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), providing invaluable insights into patent trends aligned with the SDGs.

Exploring the SDGs through patents

By mapping patents to the SDGs we can illuminate the overarching trends in sustainable innovation.
Which SDGs boast the most prolific patent portfolios?
Which SDGs exhibit the highest growth in patenting activity?
Which SDGs encapsulate the prevailing research and development trajectories and focal points?

Technologies for sustainability

What are the diverse technology fields related to each SDG?

How are the patents related to SDGs distributed across various WIPO technology sectors and technology fields?

The geographical distribution of sustainable innovation and the patent owners driving it

What regions or countries do the patents related to SDGs come from?
Who has the most SDG-related patents in their patent portfolio?
How quickly are owner’s patent portfolios relating to the SDGs growing?
What role are academia and research organizations playing in supporting innovation for the SDGs?