ASPI – Specialized Patent Information

The Access to Specialized Patent Information (ASPI) program is a public-private partnership administered by WIPO and made possible through cooperation with leading patent information providers.

Through the ASPI program, eligible patent offices and academic and research institutions in developing countries can receive free or low-cost access to sophisticated tools and services for retrieving and analyzing patent data.

Eligible institutions in Group 1 countries can participate in ASPI at no cost.

Eligible institutions in Group 2 countries receive access at a cost of 1000 Swiss francs for each account per calendar year (from January through December).

Eligible institutions in Group 3 countries receive access at a cost of 3000 Swiss francs for each account per calendar year.

Eligible institutions in Group 1 countries receive access to all database services at no cost.

Eligible institutions in Group 2 countries can request a free trial account for each patent database service for a period of up to 12 months, provided that they have not previously had access to the patent database service concerned.

In order to get started, you will need a computer connected to the Internet with a high-speed (56k baud rate or higher) connection. It is advisable to use an up-to-date version of your web browser in order to ensure full functionality of the selected database service(s).

Request an ASPI Account

Tools and services made available through ASPI

The ASPI program facilitates access for eligible institutions to some of the most powerful patent information tools and services made available through cooperation with the following patent information providers:

(Photo: LexisNexis).

LexisNexis TotalPatentOneTM

Search the largest online collection of enhanced first-level patent data. Summary PDF, TotalPatent summary

(Photo: Minesoft).


One of the most relied-upon patent databases available, used daily by patent professionals around the world as their primary search tool. Summary PDF, PatBase summary

(Photo: Questel).


Orbit Intelligence is a leading global IP business intelligence software dedicated to patent research and analysis. The platform is trusted by more than 100 000 users and delivers access to the largest accurate patent database and scientific literature database. Database of over 100 million patents, 17 million Designs and 150 million NPL including: clinical trials, projects and scientific documents

(Photo: Clarivate Analytics).

Clarivate Analytics

Clarivate Analytics is the global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation.

(Photo: WIPS Global).

WIPS Global

Worldwide patent information online service. Summary PDF, Thomson Innovation summary

(Photo: Gridlogics).


Redefining Patent Research, Analysis, Project Management & Collaboration. Summary PDF, PatSeer Product summary

(Photo: Ambercite).


Gain a second opinion to your patent search in seconds. Summary.

(Photo: PatSnap).


PatSnap is a user-friendly intellectual property analysis platform, with global data coverage and interactive visualisation tools. Summary PDF, PatSeer Product summary

(Photo: East Linden)

East Linden

East Linden WTMPD is a professional traditional medicine patent information platform. Summary PDF, East Linden information summary