WIPO Digital Access Service

The WIPO Digital Access Service (DAS) is an electronic system allowing priority documents and similar documents to be securely exchanged between participating intellectual property (IP) offices. The system enables applicants and offices to meet the requirements of the Paris Convention for certification in an electronic environment.

The Service is intended for use with documents related to patents, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks.

Traditionally, applicants have been obliged to request certified paper copies of documents from one office and then submit those documents to other offices.

WIPO DAS allows applicants to simply request the first office (known as the Depositing Office or Office of First Filing) to make priority documents available to the System and then to request other offices (known as the Accessing Offices or Offices of Second Filing) to retrieve those documents via the Service. The exchange of documents then takes place electronically between the offices.

Access the WIPO Digital Access Service

Why use this service?



  • Simply ask the office of first filing to add the priority document into the system, and request offices of second filing to use the service for obtaining access.


  • Use of an access code to authorize access;
  • Documents exchanged via secure channels;
  • Service hosted and administered by WIPO.


  • No need to provide a certified copy of a priority document separately to each office of second filing.


  • No need to pay for multiple copies of paper priority documents;
  • No charges by WIPO. Offices can charge, but it is expected that most will not.



  • No or reduced need to prepare, check or scan certified copies on paper;
  • No need to deal with different transmission and document formats;
  • No need to establish secure connections to multiple offices.


  • Documents exchanged via secure channels;
  • Service hosted and administered by WIPO.


  • Automate the exchange of documents with other offices;
  • Offer a new service at low cost for local applicants wishing to file applications in other countries.


  • Simple service delivered through channels already existing at most automated offices.

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