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Tencent, video games, the metaverse and diversity: an insider’s view

Jia Wang, Deputy Director of the Technology Service for the North Americas Team within Tencent’s interactive entertainment group, discusses the future of video games and the role IP plays in her work.

(Photo: Courtesy of Taibo Bacar)

Fashion forward: pioneering African designer eyes luxury brands market

Taibo Bacar, the celebrated Mozambican fashion designer, talks about what it takes to build an international fashion brand and the next steps in his pioneering business adventure.

(Photo: Daniel Quiceno / Unsplash)

Brazilian agri-tech startup digitizes farm management with dividends for cattle farmers and sustainability

From satellite imaging of pastures to tracking of animal health, JetBov is revolutionizing cattle farming in Brazil. The founder, Xisto Alves de Souza Jr., tells WIPO Magazine how his technology is boosting performance and profitability for beef farmers and improving land use.

(Photo: Adene Sanchez / E+ / Getty Images)

Why vaccine independence is so important for Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the urgent need to build capacity to develop and manufacture much-needed vaccines in Africa. Patrick Tippoo, Executive Director of the African Vaccine Manufacturing Initiative (AVMI), explains why vaccine independence for Africa is so important.

(Photo: Sian Wynn Jones / Unsplash)

Green trademarks and the risk of greenwashing

With climate change, demand for goods that are sustainably produced and environmentally friendly is rising, with many companies embracing green marketing. Kathryn Park explores how brands can go green the right way and avoid the perils of greenwashing.

Latest online features

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Patent office sustainability and the role of artificial intelligence

To improve processing times, a number of patent offices are turning to AI-powered solutions to help them tackle the rising volume and complexity of patent applications.

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Sports diplomacy, nation branding and IP go hand in hand in Qatar

Qatar is making history as the first Arab country to host the FIFA World Cup. This high profile sporting event strategically elevates the country’s national brand through sports diplomacy and as a center of excellence in the Middle East.

(Photo: WIPO)

Data: the fuel transforming the global economy

Data has the power to drive innovative products and services, improve society and tackle health and environmental challenges but what does it take to balance extracting value from data with protecting IP and other rights.

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