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Assemblies 2018 spotlight

The 2018 WIPO Assemblies will consider a range of action items and feature high-level negotiations on the norms that underpin the IP rights that are increasingly critical components of global business and trade.

WIPO in Three Minutes

This lively video gives a high-altitude overview of WIPO’s work.

WIPO, SDGs and Innovation

Learn how WIPO and intellectual property contribute to the success of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which provide an ambitious roadmap for human progress.

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World Intellectual Property Indicators 2018

WIPO’s annual report shows that global demand for IP tools reached record heights again in 2017, with China driving the growth in filings for patents, trademarks, industrial designs and other IP rights at the heart of the global knowledge economy.

GII 2018: Innovate Now for a Cleaner, Greener Future

Worldwide energy needs are on the rise and policy shifts can promote the new green-tech innovations needed to fight climate change, according to the GII 2018. What else can be done to promote new energy innovation?

Marrakesh Treaty: Bringing Books to Blind People

WIPO's newest treaty helps hundreds of millions of people living with visual impairments around the world.

Background briefs

  • Traditional knowledge and IP PDF, Press brief:  TK and IP

Record Year for WIPO's Global IP Services

Demand for WIPO's IP services for patents, trademarks and industrial designs reached a new record in 2017.

PCT Inventors

Which famous musicians are also listed as inventors on international patent applications filed via WIPO?

Engaging Judges in Fast-Shifting IP Landscape

The rising rate of innovation means new challenges for adjudicating IP disputes. WIPO is helping by increasing its support for the world’s IP judges.

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