IP Outreach Campaigns

IP outreach encompasses the many activities intended to increase understanding and use of IP - from booklets which guide entrepreneurs through the patenting maze; to award schemes which promote design excellence; to anti-piracy commercials designed to deter consumers from copying music or buying fake brands.

Governments and industry groups devote significant resources to outreach. Yet little information has been available on how to plan effective IP outreach campaigns. These WIPO resources aim to help fill that gap.

(photo: iStockphoto.com/timsa)

Outreach tools

IP Outreach in Practice

The Outreach in Practice database contains information and links to hundreds of outreach initiatives which promote the creation, awareness, use and respect of intellectual property. The database is searchable by outreach tools, target audience, country, language and more.

IP Outreach Research

The Outreach Research database contains summaries of empirical studies which examine the awareness, attitudes and behavior of different groups towards the creation, use and respect of intellectual property. The database is searchable by subject, country, year and more.

Guide to IP Outreach

The IP Outreach Guide PDF, WIPO Guide to IP Outreach, which draws on a social marketing approach, outlines the key steps for organizations involved in planning an IP outreach campaign, and provides tips for the optimum use of communication tools.