Arte en Coro - Daysi Campusano’s Eco-art Endeavor

May 2, 2023

From fashion week to art therapy for vulnerable children, Daysi Campusano is leaving her mark on the Dominican Republic through “Arte en Coro”, a creative small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) she founded in 2016. With the support of her six employees, Daysi offers painting workshops that combine art with fun and relaxation. Her SME and creative legacy were able to prosper thanks to the intellectual property (IP) protection she sought to protect her brand and artistic works.

Painting with purpose

Daysi panting flowers and birds native to
the Dominican Republic on thrifted clothes
(Photo: Glennys Fermín, Arte en Coro)

Daysi is an artist and proud Dominican who showcases her culture through her art, often painting local flowers and animals. She began painting at a very young age and even offering painting classes at home. When she became a grandmother, Daysi realized the importance of protecting the environment for future generations and became determined to incorporate environmentally conscious decisions in her art. When painting, she decided to replace her canvas with discarded objects she sourced locally, hoping to breathe a second life into unwanted materials. Daysi’s recycled material art became very popular in her community so she started to sell her handicrafts in markets and offering them for display at local exhibitions.  

Thanks to the success and recognition she gained from her art, Daysi established “Arte en Coro” to offer painting workshops for beginners using canvas and other recycled materials, as a creative art therapy outlet. Many of her students from “Arte en Coro” have used the painting skills they developed through her workshops to set up their own creative businesses.

During the pandemic, participating virtually in the workshops of “Arte en Coro” saved my life. It was the main way for me to entertain myself and relax. I discovered my talent for painting and I continue to paint to this day.

Magnolia Concepción, Arte en Coro beneficiary

The experience in “Arte en Coro” reminded me of when I was a child and dreamed of being an artist. It was a beautiful feeling that made me realize how much I missed painting on a canvas. Now I am trying more means of expression to keep that alive.

Zoricali Abreu, Arte en Coro beneficiary

Recognizing the therapeutic side of the workshops, Daysi also began offering them to vulnerable children across the Dominican Republic through her church.

My hope is that through “Arte en Coro” vulnerable children can have a creative outlet while learning artistic skills that they can use in their future.

Daysi Campusano, Dominican artist, entrepreneur and founder of Arte en Coro
Daysi delivering an ”Arte en Coro” painting workshop for vulnerable children (2022) (Photo: Glennys Fermín, Arte en Coro)

A fresh canvas for prosperity

In 2018, Daysi registered the trademark for “Arte in Coro”. She wanted to protect the brand of “Arte in Coro” with a trademark given the growing recognition of her SME across the country. She is currently working on registering her creative works with the National Copyright Office (ONDA) as well. Through her experiences with the IP system in the Dominican Republic, the National IP Training Institution (IPTI) of ONDA became aware of her creative efforts and invited her to participate in two workshops. In 2021, Daysi participated in the Copyright Workshop for Artisans and the Workshop on Copyright in the Fashion Industry, which focused on the importance of formalizing the registration of creative works and offered a platform for the exchange of experiences by designers, teachers, lawyers and students in the handicrafts and fashion industries.

A thrifted fedora that Daysi painted a Dominican parrot, a bird native to her country, on (Photo: Glennys Fermín, Arte en Coro)

Through the IPTI workshops, I learned more about IP and how artists’ creative works are protected by copyright and can be registered in the Dominican Republic with the National Copyright Office. The IPTI has supported local artists and entrepreneurs like myself with a lot of practical IP trainings that are delivered by specialized professionals. They really encourage us to register our creative works.

Daysi Campusano, Dominican artist, entrepreneur and founder of Arte en Coro

Daysi plans on growing “Arte en Coro” and offering more workshops to vulnerable groups. She is also in the process of protecting her creative works with ONDA and is establishing a collective society of Afro-Caribbean artists in the Dominican Republic to protect their IP rights as a collective.

Daysi and participants in an “Arte en Coro” workshop (2022) (Photo: Glennys Fermín, Arte en Coro)

Continue fighting for what you want and follow your dreams. If you want to start a business, don’t be afraid to do so. With dedication, perseverance and the right knowledge, you can do it.

Daysi Campusano, Dominican artist, entrepreneur and founder of Arte en Coro
Video: Arte en Coro.

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