Hague System Stories – Designs in Action

Our new series of Hague System stories – featuring a whole range of designs protected under the Hague System – will provide you with insights into how designs work in the real world, and how they can help you obtain wider market recognition and increase your global competitiveness.

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Internet of Things (Getty/studiostockart)
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Photo of Kubota's concept tractor
(Photo: Kubota)
Kubota – Designing for the Future

"We want our users to experience the value that true innovation brings. Value depends first on the tool serving a useful purpose. This is the role of design in innovation." – Kubota


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WIPO Hague System – The International Design System

WIPO's Hague System provides a unique international mechanism for securing and managing design rights simultaneously in more than 90 countries through one application, in one language with one set of fees.