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The simplest way to file your international design applications is using eHague – our secure, intuitive and real-time online platform.

Your application can include up to 100 designs (within the same class of the Locarno Classification). You must include a reproduction of each design, and designate the contracting parties where you seek protection. You can file your application in English, French or Spanish – the official languages of the Hague System. All applications are subject to the payment of three types of fees.

Tip! Use the Hague System fee calculator to quickly estimate your application or renewal fees.

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Why use eHague?

Filing through eHague will give you complete digital access to all aspects of your application. You can save your application for completion and submission later, view and download your applications, check processing status, reply to communications from WIPO, and easily pay online. You don’t need to worry about which forms to complete, what supporting documents to provide or what the costs are. eHague does all of this for you.

New to eHague? Our eHague filing tutorial walks you through creating, viewing and editing online international design applications.

You may also file an application using Hague System form DM/1. However, we strongly recommend that you file online using eHague.


Preparing reproductions

Your international application must include reproductions (photos, drawings or other graphic representations) of all designs covered. Tip! One design may be represented by many reproductions.


  • Reproductions must be on a neutral, plain background. (If you need to use  color background, you must refer to this in the description.)
  • Reproductions must be consistent and correspond to each other.
  • Only textual or graphical disclaimers are accepted.

Legal provisions

  • Hague Administrative Instructions, Part Four PDF, Hague Administrative Instructions
  • Hague Common Regulations, Rule 9 PDF, Hague Regulations
  • Guidance – Including multiple designs in international applications PDF, Guidance on including multiple designs in international applications

Technical requirements

  • Provide all images at 300 dpi.
  • Keep a minimum of one pixel of border (maximum 20 pixels) to allow for cropping, pre-publication.
  • Maximum file size is 2MB.
  • Maximum 1890 x 1890 pixels.

Make sure you provide all specific views

Guidance on reproductions

Find out how to avoid unnecessary refusals on the grounds of insufficient disclosure of your designs.


Including multiple designs in one application

Reminder! You can include up to 100 designs in one international application so long as they fall in the same class of the Locarno Classification.

What do you need to know?

  • The domestic legal framework of each Hague System contracting party governs the design protection provided by an international registration.
  • Some contracting parties require unity of design.
  • If your designs do not meet with pre-defined domestic requirements, individual contracting parties can refuse the effects of your international registration within their own territory, pending compliance.
Important! Refusal of protection by one contracting party does not affect your international registration in other designated jurisdictions.


Avoid potential processing delays or even refusals based on unity of design-requirements.

Download Guidance on multiple designs


Hague legal texts

Consult Hague legal texts for specific details of the Hague System, including how they relate to your applications or registrations.

Hague Guide for Users

The Hague Guide for Users is your comprehensive reference on the Hague System, walking you through the various steps involved in the international registration of designs.

Hague System Member Profiles

Learn about the laws, practices and procedures of Hague System members.


Declarations made by contracting parties may impact on your international applications and registrations.

International designs: Facts and figures

The Hague System Yearly Review provides facts, figures and analysis on international design registrations.

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Search statistics on the Hague System in WIPO's IP Statistics Data Center.

Did you know?

  • 6,711 international design applications were filed in 2021, representing a 15.7% increase on the previous year and a new record in the history of the Hague System.
  • 2021 also saw the fastest growth in the number of designs contained in international applications since 2010.

Need help?

Our Hague Customer Service team is available to answer all your questions and queries and to assist you throughout the lifecycle of your international design applications and registrations. To ensure optimal handling of enquiries use Contact Hague.

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