Fees and Payments – Hague System

Under the Hague system, all fees must be paid in Swiss francs (CHF).

Types of fees

Fee calculator

Calculate the cost of filing an international application or renewing an international registration.

Payment methods

There are four ways to submit your fees to WIPO: Current Account at WIPO, credit card (in certain cases), bank transfer, or postal transfer (within Europe only).  WIPO does not accept payment by cash or check. Any checks received will be returned to the sender.

To use some of our e-payment systems you must have a WIPO Account. Note: this is not the same as a Current Account at WIPO.

There are two ways to pay via direct debit from your Current Account at WIPO:

  1. Online:
    • registration fees – pay through eHague when filing your international application(s); or
    • renewal fees, fees indicated on irregularity letters, or subsequent payment of registration fees – pay through ePay.
  2. by providing your 'Current Account at WIPO' number when completing relevant Hague System forms

Credit card payments are available only for the payment of:

  • registration fees (using eHague);
  • renewal fees (using E-Renewal); or
  • fees indicated on irregularity letters or other WIPO communications concerning international applications (using ePay).

All payments will be processed in Swiss francs (CHF).

A WIPO reference number is required for certain credit card payments. The relevant 7 to 10-digit WIPO reference number will be indicated in an irregularity notice, if one has been issued.

Warning – WIPO will confirm credit card payments by email only. An electronic message will be generated and sent automatically to the email address entered with your billing information. WIPO does not issue any other payment receipt or invoice for online credit card payments. If you do not receive this email acknowledgement, please contact us.
New security requirements for online payments came into effect in the European Economic Area in January 2021 as consequence of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

In line with this directive, from January 2021, all online payments by credit card to WIPO will have an additional layer of security involving strong customer authentication (SCA). Customers may be asked to confirm payments by entering a secret number received by SMS or a code generated by a smartphone app or with a biometric identifier like a fingerprint or facial recognition. These customers will be informed about the elements needed to confirm the payment by their financial institution (personal telephone number, smartphone app, etc.).

WIPO welcomes this new layer of security in online payments, which aims to protect the rights of consumers and to limit liability in the event of fraudulent use of cards.

If you experience problems with your new security layer, please contact your bank or card issuer for assistance.

If your payment involves more than one request, please send us a list containing each request and the amount to be paid for each request.

You must provide the following information when you submit your payment. Failure to provide all the information listed below will delay the processing of your application and/or result in issuance of an irregularity notice:

  • Payer’s name and complete address
  • Basic application and/or registration number
  • International Registration Number (IRN)
  • Name of holder (if different from payer)

All payments will be processed in Swiss francs (CHF). You will be responsible for any additional fees charged by your bank or any intermediary bank.

WIPO Bank transfer details

Please take into consideration that a bank transfer can take a minimum of three or more open days to reach our bank account depending on the originating country.
  • Account name: WIPO / OMPI
  • Credit Suisse, CH-1211 Geneva 70
  • IBAN: CH51 0483 5048 7080 8100 0
  • Swift: CRESCHZZ80A

WIPO Postal transfer details (within Europe only)

Please take into consideration that a postal transfer may take a minimum of seven or more open days to reach our postal account.
  • Account name: WIPO / OMPI
  • SWISS POST/Postfinance, Engelhaldenstrasse 37, CH-3030 Bern
  • IBAN: CH03 0900 0000 1200 5000 8
  • Swift: POFICHBE
Note: WIPO recommends that bank and postal transfers are made well in advance of any application deadline. WIPO will send a receipt to the Payer within 10 days of the date your bank or postal transfer is received. If you do not receive a WIPO receipt within 10 days of submitting your payment, please contact us.
Warning – Failure to pay your fees in full will result in the issuance of an irregularity notice. The notice will contain a payment deadline (typically 3 months), after which the application will be deemed abandoned.

Payment follow-up

If you do not receive a payment acknowledgement within 10 days of submitting your payment, please contact us.

Refund request

To request a refund, please fill in the refund form.