Current Account at WIPO: Overview

A Current Account at WIPO is a special financial account administered by WIPO. The account is managed in Swiss francs (CHF). To open and/or access a Current Account at WIPO, you need a WIPO Account.

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A Current Account at WIPO can be used to make payments relating to any WIPO service, including:

  • international trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications, appellations of origin or PCT patent filings;
  • renewals and other changes;
  • alternative dispute resolution and domain name disputes;
  • WIPO Academy programs.

Current Accounts at WIPO are designed for customers who regularly carry out (or plan to carry out) financial transactions with WIPO.

The account is free of charge, however you must maintain a balance greater than 200 CHF. If the balance falls below this sum, you'll receive a notification by email. You can view your account balance at any time.The account does not generate interest.

Warning – WIPO reserves the right to charge fees for expenses incurred should your Current Account at WIPO become overdrawn, should you require additional printed statements and/or postal services, or if you become involved in litigation.