Current Account at WIPO: How to Check your Balance or Confirm that your Deposit/Payment was Processed

You can check your account balance and view transactions you've made (payments and deposits) using your Current Account at WIPO at any time by simply logging in. Your account is updated daily and you will receive a monthly statement by email.

Payments debited from your Current Account at WIPO

Once your payment has been processed, it will appear in your list of transactions.

Payments listed on your Current Account at WIPO statement begin with a five-letter code, followed by the relevant transaction code (Madrid and Hague only):

  • Madrid System (trademarks) - TRDMK
  • PCT (patents) - PCTRO
  • Hague System (industrial designs) - INDES
  • Lisbon System (geographical indications and appellations of origin) - LISBN
  • WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center - ARMEC
  • WIPO Courses - WIPO1

Please notify us of any discrepancies in your list of transactions as soon as possible.

Note – please let us know immediately if your company name or contact e-mail address changes.

Deposits into your Current Account at WIPO

All deposits made into your Current Account at WIPO will appear as 'versement' on your account statement.  We'll send you an e-mail receipt within 10 days of processing your deposit.  If you do not receive a receipt, please contact us.