Current Account at WIPO: How to Deposit Funds

You can deposit funds in your Current Account at WIPO using either bank or postal transfer. The deposit instruction must include your Current Account at WIPO number, e.g. CA123456.

WIPO bank account details

Account name: WIPO / OMPI
Credit Suisse, CH-1211 Geneva 70 
IBAN: CH51 0483 5048 7080 8100 0

WIPO postal account details (within Europe only)

Account name: WIPO / OMPI 
SWISS POST/Postfinance, Engelhaldenstrasse 37, CH-3030 Bern
IBAN: CH03 0900 0000 1200 5000 8 

To ensure that you incur minimal deposit fees and that your Current Account at WIPO can operate smoothly, we advise you to make single lump sum deposits.  Your Current Account at WIPO must contain sufficient funds to cover any transactions you plan to make.

Warning – If your deposit is made in a currency other than Swiss francs, the amount will be converted at the bank’s exchange rate and credited to your Current Account at WIPO. If the currency cannot be freely converted into Swiss francs, it will be returned to you.
Warning – Your deposit should not exceed the amount required to cover transactions forecast for the next three months.