Current Account at WIPO: How to Pay WIPO Fees

Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in your Current Account at WIPO before making a payment. Transactions that would result in a negative balance are not allowed.

There are three ways in which you can use your Current Account at WIPO to submit payments to WIPO:

1. Online, through our e-payment systems

Madrid, PCT and Hague Systems have dedicated e-payment systems. To use some of our e-payment systems you must create a WIPO account. Note: this is not the same as a WIPO Current Account at WIPO.

Service System(s)
Madrid Online payment (7-10 digit WIPO reference number required)
Subsequent Designation
PCT ePCT (digital certificate required)
Payment platform (WIPO reference number required)

E-Renewal (international registration number required)
ePay (12 digit WIPO reference number required (EPAY-1234-5678))

2. Indicate Current Account at WIPO as the preferred payment method on the relevant form

  • Madrid System: select “Current Account at WIPO” on the Fee Calculation sheet attached to the relevant MM form.
  • PCT System: select "Authorization to charge deposit or current account" on the Fee Calculation sheet attached to the relevant PCT form.
  • Hague System: complete Section 1 (Instruction to Debit from a Current Account at WIPO) of the Payment of Fees sheet attached to the relevant DM form.
  • Lisbon System: select "by withdrawal from account with WIPO" in section 10 of the application form (AO/1) PDF, Form A/01.

3. Submit a dedicated debit request

Simply write us a message, making sure to follow the specific instructions related to the particular WIPO system/service.

Warning - All written debit requests must clearly indicate: Current Account at WIPO number, account holder name and purpose of payment (details below).

  • Madrid System: also include holder/applicant name, request code type, trademark number (national/region number (for registration) or International Registration Number (for other transactions)), and trademark name (where applicable) or verbal elements of the mark. Submit now.
  • PCT System: also include holder or applicant name, file reference or PCT international application number (if known). Submit now.
  • Lisbon System: also include holder or applicant name, basic application and/or registration number, International Registration Number (IRN), etc. Submit now.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: include case reference, if available, and names of parties. Submit now.
  • Domain name disputes: include disputed domain name(s) and WIPO case reference, if available. Submit now.