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June 7, 2021

Novelty is an essential requirement of design protection – your own designs cannot infringe on those that are already subject of protection. It is essential therefore that you keep abreast of not just existing but also newly registered designs if you are seeking protection – no mean feat with so many new designs hitting the market all the time.

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Did you know that through the Hague System's International Designs Bulletin you have instant access to the bibliographic data and reproductions of all the latest designs published in a given week within new international registrations? You can also find information on renewed, modified and expired international registrations.

One Bulletin – Multiple functions

The Bulletin is the Hague System’s official publication of international registrations and, importantly, the official data reference for both the holders of those registrations and the public at large.

At the same time, for the intellectual property offices of Hague System contracting parties, it serves as official notification of their country or region’s designation in an international registration, i.e., it is their trigger to perform any substantive examination of the registration, checking to make sure that it meets their substantive domestic requirements.

Access the International Designs Bulletin

In more detail…

We publish new data in the Bulletin each week – typically on Fridays at noon (CET). The current online version contains information published since January 2012.

Search the Bulletin

A simple search interface – using a range of pre-defined fields – helps you to identify what you are looking for. All common operators – Boolean (AND, OR, NOT), proximity, wildcard, etc. – are supported.

Tip! The fields included within the bibliographic data of international registrations use WIPO INID codes. You can find a summary of those codes – complete with corresponding definitions – in the International Designs Bulletin help pages.

Downloadable data

The data included in the Bulletin are available for download in XML format, to assist those intellectual property offices of Hague System contracting parties that perform substantive review of international registrations.

Archived data

An archive provides access to monthly issues of the Bulletin as published between April 2004 and December 2011.

If you quickly want to find information on the latest international registrations published by WIPO, then the International Designs Bulletin is your first port of call.

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