Searching Protected Designs

Before you file an international application under the Hague System, you can search published designs to find out what your competitors are doing. Remember also to check other sources, for example online magazines, etc.

Important! While WIPO does not check your international applications for novelty of design, this is an essential requirement when seeking design protection. Designated contracting parties may issue a refusal based on lack of novelty. Find out more about requirements of contracting parties in Hague System Member Profiles.

WIPO tools to get you started

International Designs Bulletin

The International Designs Bulletin, updated weekly, is the official publication of Hague international registrations. It contains all data published since 2014.You can search by Bulletin issue number or international registration number.

Global Design Database

The Global Design Database (GDD) is your first stop when searching designs worldwide. It offers free-of-charge searches in over 13 million designs existing under the Hague System and in the national collections of participating offices, including China, the EU, Japan and the USA. From simple name or number searches to advanced queries and filters, the GDD offers you the freedom to search as in depth as you like.

Hague Express Database

The Hague Express Database, updated weekly, provides information on all Hague international registrations.

Need help?

Our Hague Customer Service team is available to answer all your questions and queries and to assist you throughout the lifecycle of your international design applications and registrations. To ensure optimal handling of enquiries use Contact Hague.

Contact Hague | Phone +41 22 338 7575 (Monday to Friday, 09:00–18:00 (CET))