List of WIPO Standards, Recommendations and Guidelines

Part 3 of the Handbook on Industrial Property Information and Documentation

WIPO Standards are presented as recommendations and are directed to states and international organizations, in particular to their national or regional industrial property offices, to the International Bureau of WIPO, and to any other national or international institution interested in industrial property documentation.

All documents listed below are in PDF format.

Standards of a general nature, common to information and documentation

  • Standard ST.2: Manner for designating calendar dates (May 1997) PDF
  • Standard ST.3: Two-letter codes for the representation of states, other entities and organizations (September 2019) PDF
  • Standard ST.13: Numbering of applications for IPRs (February 2008) PDF
  • Standard ST.90: Recommendation for processing and communicating Intellectual Property data using Web APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) (December 2020) PDF | Annex III - Appendix A  | Annex III - Appendix B 
  • Standard ST.96: Processing of Intellectual Property information using XML (June 2020) PDF | Annexes

Standards relating to patent information and documentation

  • Standard ST.1: Minimum data elements required to uniquely identify a patent document (May 2001) PDF
  • Standard ST.6: Numbering of published patent documents (December 2002) PDF
  • Standard ST.8: IPC symbols on machine-readable records (March 2011) PDF
  • Standard ST.9: Bibliographic data on and relating to patents and SPCs (June 2013) PDF
  • Standard ST.10: Published patent documents (November 1997) PDF
  • Standard ST.10/A: Format of patent documents (April 1994) PDF
  • Standard ST.10/B: Layout of bibliographic data components (December 2008) PDF
  • Standard ST.10/C: Presentation of bibliographic data components (August 2017) PDF
  • Standard ST.10/D: Physical characteristics of patent documents (October 2016) PDF
  • Standard ST.11: Minimum of indexes to be inserted in patent gazettes (December 1990) PDF
  • Standard ST.12: Preparation of abstracts of patent documents (April 1994) PDF
  • Standard ST.12/A: Abstracts of patent documents (April 1994) PDF
  • Standard ST.12/B: Categorized patent abstract (April 1994) PDF
  • Standard ST.12/C: Physical characteristics of separately published abstracts (April 1994) PDF
  • Standard ST.14: References cited in patent documents (May 2016) PDF
  • Standard ST.15: Titles of inventions in patent documents (December 1995) PDF
  • Standard ST.16: Identification of different kinds of patent documents (October 2016) PDF
  • Standard ST.17: Coding of headings of announcements made in official gazettes (December 1990) PDF
  • Standard ST.18: Patent gazettes and other patent announcement journals (November 1997) PDF
  • Standard ST.19: Indexes issued by IPO (December 1990) PDF
  • Standard ST.20: Name indexes to patent documents (December 1993) PDF
  • Standard ST.21: Reduction of volume of priority documents (April 1994) PDF
  • Standard ST.22: Authoring of patent applications for the purpose of OCR (December 2008) PDF
  • Standard ST.25: Presentation of nucleotide and amino acid sequence listings (December 2009) PDF
  • Standard ST.26: Presentation of nucleotide and amino acid sequence listings using XML (December 2020) PDF | Annex II - DTD | Annex III -XML, title goes here | Annex VI, Appendix -XML, title goes here
    Related Resource: WIPO Sequence software tool
  • Standard ST.27: Exchange of Patent Legal Status Data (December 2020) PDF | Annex V | Annex VI
  • Standard ST.31: Character sets for the exchange of patent documents (October 1996) PDF
  • Standard ST.32: Markup of patent documents using SGML (November 1995) PDF
  • Standard ST.33: Data exchange of facsimile information of patent documents (February 1999) PDF
  • Standard ST.34: Recording of application numbers in electronic form (May 1997) PDF
  • Standard ST.35: Data exchange of mixed-mode published patent information on MMMT (December 1999) PDF
  • Standard ST.36: Processing of patent information using XML (November 2007) PDF | Supplementary material
  • Standard ST.37: Authority File of Published Patent Documents (December 2020) PDF | Annex III XSD | Annex III, Appendix - XML instance | Annex IV - DTD | Annex IV, Appendix - XML instance
    Related Resource: Authority File Portal
  • Standard ST.40: Facsimile images of patent documents available on CD-ROM (April 1993) PDF
  • Standard ST.50: Corrections, alterations and supplements relating to patent information (December 2009) PDF

Standards relating to trademark information and documentation

  • Standard ST.60: Bibliographic data relating to marks (September 2019) PDF
  • Standard ST.61: Recommendation for the exchange of trademark legal status data (December 2020) PDF
  • Standard ST.62: Standard abbreviation for “Vienna Classification” (December 1992) PDF
  • Standard ST.63: Content and layout of trademark gazettes (November 1997) PDF
  • Standard ST.64: Search files for trademark search (May 1996) PDF
  • Standard ST.66: Processing of trademark information using XML (March 2012) PDF | Appendices A, B, C, D and E
  • Standard ST.67: Electronic management of the figurative elements of trademarks (July 2012) PDF
  • Standard ST.68: Electronic management of sound marks (June 2016) PDF
  • Standard ST.69: Electronic management of motion and multimedia marks (December 2020) PDF

Standards relating to industrial design information and documentation

  • Standard ST.80: Bibliographic data relating to industrial designs (January 2004) PDF
  • Standard ST.81: Content and layout of industrial designs gazettes (November 1997) PDF
  • Standard ST.86: Processing of industrial design information using XML (February 2008) PDF | Appendices A, B, C, D and E
  • Standard ST.87: Exchange of industrial design legal status data (December 2018) PDF
  • Standard ST.88: Electronic representation of industrial designs (December 2020) PDF