WIPO Sequence

WIPO Sequence is a global software tool that enables patent applicants to prepare amino acid and nucleotide sequence listings compliant with WIPO Standard ST.26 PDF, WIPO Standard ST.26, as part of a national or international patent application.

WIPO Sequence Validator is another tool component that enables patent offices to verify the compliance of filed sequence listing data with WIPO ST.26.

These tools were developed in collaboration with patent offices around the world, under the direction of the Committee on WIPO Standards.

Note: WIPO member states agreed that all sequence listings being part of a patent application submitted at national and international level must be compliant with WIPO Standard ST.26 from January 1, 2022. 
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WIPO Sequence 1.0.0 (for applicants)

A standalone desktop application available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. A user manual is provided to assist applicants in generating their compliant sequence listings. PDF, WIPO Sequence manual

Release Notes

The Release Notes provided below indicate the bugs which have been fixed and improvements that have been implemented for both the WIPO Sequence desktop tool and the WIPO Sequence Validator.

WIPO Sequence version 1.0.0 Release Notes PDF, WIPO Sequence manual

WIPO Sequence Validator 1.0.0 (for patent offices)

A microservice to be incorporated either using a JAR or WAR file in the IT environment of patent offices. An operations manual is provided to assist offices in performing this validation. PDF, WIPO Sequence Validator manual


The first stable release of WIPO Sequence has been launched.

Details regarding the exact improvements provided since the Beta 2 release, originally launched on April 7, 2020, are provided in the Release Notes. PDF, WIPO Sequence manual

WIPO Sequence 1.0 Beta 2 has been launched.

The WIPO Sequence Beta 2 Release Notes provide the outline of the changes since the version originally launched on November 29, 2019.

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