The Hague System provides a unique international mechanism for securing and managing design rights simultaneously in multiple jurisdictions, including:

Nine out of ten of the world’s top economic markets
(2020 World Bank rankings)
The whole of Europe
And many more
Who can use the Hague System?
Nationals of...
Anyone with a domicile or habitual residence in...
Anyone with a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment in...

...any Hague System member (referred to as “contracting party”), including any country of the European Union (EU) or the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI).

How it works

The Hague System provides a straightforward solution to international design protection that eliminates the need to file separate and multiple applications in individual countries or regions. Intellectual property (IP) rights are territorial in character — the domestic laws of each contracting party therefore govern the protection resulting from international registrations.


File one online international application through our eHague platform to register up to 100 designs in more than 90 countries.


Keep your international registration up-to-date, record a change in ownership or limit/renounce protection centrally through WIPO.


Renew your international registration directly through eHague for as many of the designs and as many of the contracting parties as you wish.

What are the
benefits for you?
  • Minimal paperwork
    File one international application with one set of formal requirements and in one language to secure protection for up to 100 designs.
  • Cost and time effective
    Enjoy significant time and cost savings thanks to our single application framework. Decide for yourself whether to use legal representation in the international arena.
  • Centralized management
    Manage and renew your registrations directly with WIPO.
  • Global coverage
    Protect your designs in over 90 countries.
Applying for design protection internationally
Step one
Go to the eHague platform and file your international application to secure protection of up to 100 designs in the same class (Locarno Classification).
What is eHague?

eHague is a secure, intuitive, real-time platform that lets you digitally file your international design applications and renew your registrations. You can view and download your applications, make payments and reply to communications from WIPO directly through eHague. Don't worry about which forms you need to fill out, what documents you need to provide or what the costs are. eHague will do this for you.

Step two
Formality examination by WIPO
We will check your international application to ensure it complies with formalities and other requirements, including the quality of reproductions.
step two left
If the necessary requirements ARE NOT met
You will receive an irregularity letter explaining what is missing or faulty; you have three months to fix the irregularities.
step two right
If the necessary requirements ARE met
You will receive a certificate of international registration.
Step three

We publish your international registration in the International Designs Bulletin.

When? Standard publication takes place twelve months after the date of international registration — normally the date on which you filed your application.

You can also request immediate publication or publication at a chosen time (up to 30 months from the filing date, subject to domestic laws), in order to time public disclosure of your designs based on your market needs.

What is the International Designs Bulletin?

An official publication, released weekly, that contains all data related to new international registrations. It is the official data reference for everyone: holders of international registrations, IP offices and the public at large.

international designs
Step four
Substantive examination

The IP offices of some designated contracting parties may perform further substantive review of your registration in accordance with their own domestic law. For example, are the designs morally acceptable? Note: only a handful of offices perform full examination on novelty (these are called “Examining Offices”).

What if protection is refused? You can contest refusals at the domestic level. Any Office that refuses protection will inform you — through WIPO — of the substantive reasons for, and the procedure to contest, refusal.

IP rights are territorial so refusal by one office does not affect your international registration in other designated jurisdictions.

If no refusal is issued within six months of publication of an international registration — 12 months for examining offices and those with opposition procedures — protection is deemed to be granted under domestic laws.

Duration of protection

How long are international design registrations valid?

five years background
five years
Five years
The initial period of protection under the Hague System is five years.
renew background
Renew twice or more
The quickest way to renew your registration is through eHague.
15 years background
15 years
15 years or more
The Hague System guarantees at least 15 years of protection. If the domestic law of designated contracting parties allows for a longer term of protection, your international registration will also benefit!
How much does it cost?

The cost of filing an international application varies according to the number of designs covered, the number of reproductions included, the contracting parties you designate, etc. All fees are payable in Swiss francs.

Sample scenario one
Sample scenario two
Sample scenario one
You select:

Canada, European Union, Japan, Norway, Russian Federation, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America

Hague System international application fee (indicative)
2,926 CHF
National/regional domestic application fee (indicative)
3,768 CHF
You save 23% and avoid local agent fees
Last updated December 9, 2021
Sample scenario two
You select:

European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom

Hague System international application fee (indicative)
1,783 CHF
National/regional domestic application fee (indicative)
4,544 CHF
You save 60% and avoid local agent fees
Last updated December 9, 2021
Hague System Fee Calculator

Quickly estimate the fees for filing an international application or renewing a registration.

Estimate your fees now

Our complimentary informational tools and guides make filing an international application even easier for you.

Hague System Member Profiles
Our Hague System Member Profiles provide you with all the country-specific general and legal information you need.
member profiles
Guide to the Hague System
The Guide to the Hague System is a comprehensive manual that explains the Hague System in detail. It combines legal and procedural information with cross references to all relevant legal citations.
guide for users
Guidance on reproductions
Our Guidance on reproductions — produced in collaboration with some of the IP offices that perform substantive examination — explains how to avoid common pitfalls when preparing reproductions. It includes specific examples of problematic reproductions and concrete guidance on how to fix them.

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