Hague System: Electronic Notifications

Since March 2020, we have been distributing Hague System notifications to our customers by e-mail only and have discontinued the use of paper-based communications.

Quickly identifying Hague System e-mails

All e-mails are sent from the address noreply.hague@wipo.int. (Important: Please do not reply to this e-mail address.) The subject line begins with ‘Notification from the Hague System’. Any links point to the characteristic wipo.int domain.

Depending on the type of notification issued, our e-mails include one or more of the following distinctive features:

  • a specific reference, in most cases your international registration number;
  • a secure download link to a URL that starts with https://notifications.hpp.wipo.int/ (note: an expiration date will be given – typically six months from the date of issue);
  • a PDF attachment instead of a secure download link.

Tip: If you filed your international application through eHague, you will also continue to receive e-mails inviting you to login to your account in order to access your notifications.

Security issues

Your Organization’s e-mail client may use certain security settings (e.g., SafeLinks) that can corrupt the embedded secure download link, preventing it from working properly. If experience problems, please look for the plain text link included in the e-mail and copy and paste it directly into your browser.

Sample e-mail communications

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PNG, Hague electronic notification, sample 1
PNG, Hague electronic notification, sample 2
PNG, Hague electronic notification, sample 3

Find out more

  • Discontinuation of paper-based communications (Information Notice No. 6/2020 PDF, Hague System information notice on exclusive use of electronic communications)
  • For questions or queries, please Contact Hague.