Hague System: Certified Documents from the International Register

We can provide you with digitally signed and certified PDF copies of priority documents and extracts from the International Register.

Important! Only applicants, holders or appointed representatives can request certified documents relating to unpublished information.

Samples of certified documents

  • Priority document PDF, Sample of a priority document
  • Extract PDF, Sample of an extract

How to request certified documents

Send your request through Contact Hague:

  • select ‘request priority document or submit a form’ under ‘My request concerns’;
  • choose the type of document you wish to order from the drop down list under ‘More specifically’; and
  • complete the form.

Important! You must indicate the international application (WIPOXXXXXX), international registration number (DM/XXXXXX) or your service request number (nine digits, starting with 970).


All fees for digital certified documents are payable in Swiss francs (CHF):

  • 46 CHF for the first five pages;
  • 2 CHF for each additional page if the copies are requested at the same time and relate to the same international application or registration.

Find out more

  • Guidance on certified documents PDF, Guidance on certified documents