Tackling your Domain Name Disputes at WIPO

Domain names are all around us. They are how we navigate to online shopping, news, social media, and even nowadays to school and work. They make navigating the Internet possible.

Domain names can also be used for malicious purposes though, such as distributing malware and phishing, fraud, and selling counterfeits.

There is fortunately a process to tackle such exploitations. WIPO is internationally recognized as the leading provider for disputes concerning the abusive registration and use of domain names, a practice commonly known as “cybersquatting”. WIPO has administered over 51,000 UDRP cases covering over 94,000 domain names.

Six advantages of WIPO's domain name services

1. Quick and with fixed fees

2. Paperless e-filing

3. Global coverage

4. Panelists from over 60 countries

5. Simple decision implementation

6. Case administration in 20+ languages

More on WIPO's domain name services

These services are built around the WIPO-designed Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), which provides trademark owners worldwide with an effective remedy, outside of court. The UDRP applies to all generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) such as.COM and .ORG, and even new variations such as .APP.   

WIPO also offers tailored dispute resolution services for over 75 country code Top-Level Domains, such as .CN (China), .EU (European Union), .MX (Mexico), and .UA (Ukraine).