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Index of WIPO UDRP Panel Decisions

This Index covers all WIPO UDRP decisions. New decisions are being added continuously.
The Center also makes available a separate WIPO Overview of WIPO Panel Views on Selected UDRP Questions, Second Edition.

Any time you select more than one category, the search result will yield ONLY those decisions that are indexed in ALL of the categories so selected.

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1. The principal purpose of the Index is to offer structured access to the large quantity of legal and other data contained in the WIPO Panel decisions under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy ("UDRP"). In order to maintain ease of access and to avoid needless duplication, the Index does not necessarily refer to all of the many decisions that may touch upon a certain issue. Rather, it provides an informative sample of decisions with regard to specific issues of interest.

2. You may select more than one field at a time in "Decided cases by domain name categories"; likewise, you may select more than one field in "Legal index to decisions"; and you may also combine one or more fields in "Decided cases by domain name categories" with one or more fields in "Legal index to decisions". In all such cases, the resulting outcome will be limited to decisions that cover all of the combined criteria.

e.g. A single search may combine "III.A. Authors" (under "Decided cases by domain name categories") and "II.A.1.i.(ii) Personal names / unregistered" (under "Legal index to decisions"). As a further example, a single search could combine "II.A.1.i.(ii) Personal names / unregistered" and "II.B.4.b. Fair use and Free Speech" (both under "Legal index to decisions").

3. If you select a certain field, the search results for that level will be displayed by the sub-categories in the next lower level (if any).

e.g. If you click only on "III. Individuals" (under "Decided cases by domain name categories"), the search results will display all cases under this field sorted by the sub-categories "III.A. Authors, III.B. Business, III.C. Entertainment, III.D. Media, III.E. Political, III.F. Sports".

If, however, you are interested in "III.A. Authors" individuals and separately in "III.F. Sports" individuals, and you do not want other categories of Individuals mentioned in your search results, do a search for "III.A. Authors" and a separate search for "III.F. Sports". If you select both categories in a single search, the search result will yield only those decisions (if any) overlapping both categories.

4. This Index is based on a review of all WIPO UDRP Panel decisions rendered to date. New decisions are being added continuously.

Decided WIPO cases by domain name categories

I. Associations and Institutions
 A. Religious
 B. Sports
 C. Others

II. Geographical Identifiers

III. Individuals
 A. Authors
 B. Business
 C. Entertainment (Music and Film)
 D. Media
 E. Political
 F. Sports
 G. Other

IV. Industry and Commerce
 A. Automobiles
 B. Banking and Finance
 C. Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
 D. Electronics
 E. Entertainment
 F. Fashion
 G. Food, Beverages and Restaurants
 H. Heavy Industry and Machinery
 I. Hotels and Travel
 J. Insurance
 K. Internet and IT
 L. Luxury Items
 M. Media and Publishing
 N. Retail
 O. Sports
 P. Telecom
 Q. Transportation
 R. Other

V. Non-ASCII Script Registrations
 A. Chinese
 B. Danish
 C. French
 D. German
 E. Japanese
 F. Korean
 G. Norwegian
 H. Spanish
 I. Swedish

VI. Professional Firms

VII. Education

VIII. Public Sector (Governments)
 A. States and State Agencies
 B. Intergovernmental Organizations

Legal index to WIPO panel decisions

I. General
 A. Competence
 B. Mandatory Proceeding

II. Substance
 A. Identical or Confusingly Similar to a Trademark or a Service Mark in which the Complainant has Rights (Policy, Para. 4(a)(i))
 1. Trademark / Service Mark
 a. General
 b. Goods or services associated with mark
 c. Distinctiveness
 (i) General
 (ii) Generic / Descriptive
 (iii) Suggestive
 (iv) Arbitrary; Fanciful
 d. Mark validity in question
 e. Device mark
 f. Registered mark
 g. Unregistered mark
 h. Well-known mark
 i. Personal names
 (i) Registered
 (ii) Unregistered
 j. Trade names
 (i) Registered
 (ii) Unregistered
 k. Geographical identifiers
 (i) Indications of source and geographical indications
 (ii) Geographical terms
 l. International Nonproprietary Names (INNs) for pharmaceutical substances
 2. Rights in Mark
 a. General
 b. Territorial effect
 c. Timing of rights
 d. Licensee
 3. Identical or Confusingly Similar
 a. General
 b. Absence of actual confusion
 c. Misspelling ("Typosquatting")
 d. Phonetical similarity
 e. Translation/Transliteration
 f. Overall impression
 g. Prefix + mark
 h. Mark with geographical term
 i. Mark with generic word
 j. Mark with "sucks" or with other pejorative term
 k. Abbreviation of mark
 l. Mark + Mark
 m. Symbols
 n. Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)
 B. Rights or Legitimate Interests (Policy, Para. 4(a)(ii))
 1. General
 2. Bona Fide Use (Policy, Para. 4(c)(i))
 a. General
 b. "before notice"
 c. "demonstrable preparations to use"
 (i) Finding for respondent
 (ii) Finding against respondent
 d. "bona fide offering"
 e. Use of dictionary term
 f. Concurrent use
 (i) Finding for respondent
 (ii) Finding against respondent
 g. Distributorship and Agency, Resellers, Collateral use
 (i) Finding for respondent
 (ii) Finding against respondent
 h. Pay-per-click and other landing pages
 3. "Commonly known by" (Policy, Para. 4(c)(ii))
 4. Legitimate Noncommercial, Fair Use (Policy, Para. 4(c)(iii))
 a. General
 b. Fair Use and Free Speech
 (i) Criticism & Commentary
 (ii) Parody Sites
 (iii) Fan Sites
 5. Mark Rights of Respondent
 C. Registration and Use in Bad Faith (Policy, Para. 4(a)(iii))
 1. General
 2. Conjunctive Requirement
 a. General
 b. Registration in good faith, usage in bad faith
 c. Registration in bad faith, usage in good faith
 3. Registration in Bad Faith
 a. General
 b. Acquisition of domain name from third party
 c. Registration of domain name prior to mark registration
 d. Renewals
 4. Use in Bad Faith
 a. General
 b. Non-web site use
 c. Inaction / Passive holding
 5. Evidence of Registration and Use in Bad Faith (Policy, Para. 4(b))
 a. General
 b. Offer to sell / rent or license (Policy, Para. 4(b)(i))
 (i) Offer to Complainant
 (1) General
 (2) Solicited
 (3) Unsolicited
 (ii) Offer to general public
 (1) General
 (2) Auction web site
 (3) Listing in WhoIs directory
 (iii) "out-of-pocket costs"
 (1) General
 (2) Monetary demands
 (3) Other demands
 (iv) Offer - Bad faith not found
 c. Pattern of conduct (Policy, Para. 4(b)(ii))
 (i) Found
 (ii) Not Found
 d. Disrupt competitor (Policy, Para. 4(b)(iii))
 (i) General
 (ii) "competitor"
 e. Attract Internet users (Policy, Para. 4(b)(iv))
 (i) General
 (ii) Automatic hyperlinking
 (1) Pornographic sites
 (2) Competitor's sites
 (3) Other sites
 (iii) Mousetrapping
 f. Prior knowledge/notice of mark
 (i) Willful blindness
 (ii) Constructive notice
 (iii) Knew or should have known
 (iv) Registrant search obligation
 g. Other considerations
 (i) General
 (ii) False contact information
 (iii) Use of privacy service
 (iv) Speculation in domain names
 (v) Inconceivable legitimate use
 (vi) Inactive web sites
 (vii) Automated registration
 (viii) Advertising revenue arrangements
 (ix) Infringement of complainant's IP rights
 (x) Disclaimer
 (xi) Prior relationship between parties
 (xii) Acquiescence of mark owner
 (xiii) Cease and desist letter
 (xiv) Unauthorized acquisition of domain name
 (xv) Parking / landing pages
 (xvi) Tarnishment
 (xvii) Use of robots.txt

III. Procedure
 A. Parties
 1. Complainant
 a. General
 b. Multiple Complainants
 2. Respondent
 a. General
 b. Multiple Respondents
 c. Beneficial holder of domain name
 d. Privacy
 e. Cyberflight
 B. Domain name
 1. General
 2. Registered before Dec. 1999
 3. Multiple domain names
 a. Addition of domain names
 4. "Internationalized" domain names
 C. Filings
 1. General
 2. Complaint
 3. Response
 a. General
 b. Extension
 (i) By Provider discretion
 (ii) By Party agreement
 c. Late response
 d. Deficient response
 e. Default
 4. Supplemental Filings
 a. General
 b. Requested by panel
 c. Unsolicited
 (i) Considered
 (ii) Not considered
 5. Language
 6. Consolidation
 7. Refiling
 D. Provider's Role
 1. General
 2. Notifications
 E. Registrar Issues
 F. Administrative Panel
 1. General
 2. General Powers
 3. Impartiality and Independence
 G. Decision
 1. Basis of Decision
 a. General
 b. Applicable law
 c. Delay in bringing Complaint
 d. Judicial decisions
 e. Evidence
 (i) General
 (ii) Burden / Standard of proof
 (iii) Conflicting evidence
 (iv) "without prejudice" materials
 (1) Considered
 (2) Not considered
 (v) On-line archives
 f. Party settlement
 g. Consent to transfer
 2. Remedies
 a. General
 b. Requested remedies other than transfer or cancellation
 3. Reverse Domain Name Hijacking
 a. Found
 b. Not Found
 4. Precedent value of panel decisions

IV. National Court Proceedings Relating to UDRP
 A. General
 B. Challenges to UDRP Decisions
 C. Concurrent Court Proceedings

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