Conference on Technology Scouting and Deployment for Sustainable Development

Meeting codeWIPO/HIP/GII/GE/20
Date and venueNovember 10 to November 12, 2020 (Geneva, Switzerland)

Meeting documents

WIPO/HIP/GII/GE/20INF/1 PROV.EnglishProvisional ProgramProvisional Program, Complete document (doc) Provisional Program, Complete document (pdf)

Other related documents

WIPO/HIP/GII/GE/20/FACT SHEETEnglishFact SheetFact Sheet, Complete document (doc) Fact Sheet, Complete document (pdf)
WIPO/HIP/GII/GE/20/SLIDESEnglishTech Scouting Panel Discussion SlidesTech Scouting Panel Discussion Slides, Complete document (pdf)
WIPO/HIP/GII/GE/20/S1EnglishTech Scouting Introduction - Alfred WatkinsTech Scouting Introduction - Alfred Watkins, Complete document (ppt)
WIPO/HIP/GII/GE/20/S2EnglishOverview and Approaches - Cung VuOverview and Approaches - Cung Vu, Complete document (ppt)
WIPO/HIP/GII/GE/20/S3EnglishTech Scouting As Experienced - Leena ThomasTech Scouting As Experienced - Leena Thomas, Complete document (ppt)
WIPO/HIP/GII/GE/20/S4EnglishTech Scouting to Mitigate Risks - Theresa KotanchekTech Scouting to Mitigate Risks - Theresa Kotanchek, Complete document (ppt)
WIPO/HIP/GII/GE/20/S5EnglishTechnology Deployment - after Scouting - Alfred WatkinsTechnology Deployment - after Scouting - Alfred Watkins, Complete document (ppt)
WIPO/HIP/GII/GE/20/S6EnglishTechnology Deployment As Experienced - Randy WelschTechnology Deployment As Experienced - Randy Welsch, Complete document (ppt)
WIPO/HIP/GII/GE/20/S7EnglishTech Deployment Approaches - Chris TanTech Deployment Approaches - Chris Tan, Complete document (ppt)
WIPO/HIP/GII/GE/20/S8EnglishWIPO GREEN Scene Setting - Amy DietterichWIPO GREEN Scene Setting - Amy Dietterich, Complete document (ppt)