Funds-In-Trust Japan Industrial Property Global

Funds-In-Trust Japan Industrial Property Global (FIT/Japan IP Global) supports developing and least developed countries (LDCs) to improve their knowledge of IP systems and enhance their IP capabilities to facilitate innovation and technology transfer worldwide.

Since the government of Japan, through the Japan Patent Office (JPO), made its first voluntary contribution to WIPO in 1987, it contributed to more than 85 million CHF to more than 80 countries in Asia and Pacific region and African region for supporting diverse activities in the field of Intellectual Property. In 2019, Funds-in-Trust Japan Industrial Property Global was established to expand the supporting area. Currently, Japan's government contributes 5.8 million CHF annually.

The main objectives of FIT Japan IP Global include:

  • Enhanced cooperation among Member States on the development of balanced international normative frameworks for IP;
  • Broader and more effective use of the Premier Global IP Services (PCT, Madrid, and the Hague systems);
  • Enhanced human resources capacities able to deal with the broad range of requirements for effective use of IP for development in developing countries, LDCs, and countries with economies in transition;
  • Increased capacity of SMEs, universities, and research institutions to successfully use IP to support innovation;
  • Enhanced access to, and use of, IP information by IP institutions and the public to promote innovation and creativity;
  • Enhanced technical and knowledge infrastructure for IP offices and other IP institutions leading to better services (cheaper, faster, higher quality) to their stakeholders and better outcome of IP administration;
  • Broader and better use of WIPO IP statistical information;
  • Systematic, effective, and transparent cooperation and coordination between the work of WIPO and national and international organizations in the field of Building Respect for IP; and
  • IP-based platforms and tools for knowledge transfer, technology adaptation, and diffusion from developed to developing countries, mainly least developed countries, to address global challenges
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Supporting industrial property for shared prosperity

An introduction to our recent work and highlights of some of our many success stories.

The funds at work

Events for key IP actors

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Policy discussions

FIT Japan IP Global contributes to organizing fora where policy-makers, law-makers, officials from IP offices, or representatives from the private sector can discuss IP policies and IP-related development issues.

Recent meetings are:

Learn more about Events for Key IP Actors

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Promoting PCT, Madrid and Hague Systems

FIT Japan IP Global organize a range of workshops and seminars to help people make the best use of PCT, Madrid, and Hague system. We run seminars both for users of these IP systems as well as for the IP office.

Recent seminars included:

  • The Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks in Thailand in 2019
  • Sub-regional Meeting of Intellectual Property Office Officials Responsible for the Madrid System in Malaysia in 2020
  • Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks in Bhutan in 2020
A high-level meeting of African parliamentarians under the auspices of Japan FIT/IP

Empowering universities and research institutions

FIT Japan IP Global supports universities and research institutions for the best use of the IP system through the Enabling Innovation Environment (EIE) Project PDF, title goes here and IP week.

Recent seminars are:

Building Capabilities and Capacities


Enhanced human resource capacities

FIT Japan IP Global supports diverse education, training, and research opportunities, including scholarships for WIPO-supported master's degree programs in Intellectual Property (MIP), Fellowship programs in Japan. FIT Japan IP Global also organizes several workshops for learning the effective use of IP, such as patent drafting course and patent searching courses for Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISC).

Learn more about Building Capabilities and Capacities

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Study materials for IP education

FIT Japan IP Global supports developing study materials that contain the latest IP information for the best use of IP education.

Recent publication:

Enhancing technical and knowledge infrastructure

A high-level meeting of African parliamentarians under the auspices of Japan FIT/IP

Improving WIPO's IT systems

FIT Japan IP Global has been funding the development of WIPO CASE, a platform to share useful dossier information among IP Offices since 2014.

Our main achievements are:


IP office modernization

FIT Japan IP Global undertakes modernization projects to help bring national and regional IP offices' operations and services into the digital age.

In 2019, the Philippines' project was completed, with the digitization of around 1,200,000 pages of IP documents and clean-up of roughly 90,000 database records. WIPO File was deployed in Myanmar for accepting the re-registration of the old trademark system.

Projects in Thailand, Viet Nam, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, Eswatini, Uganda, Madagascar, and OAPI are planned or ongoing.

Contribute to the SDGs

A high-level meeting of African parliamentarians under the auspices of Japan FIT/IP

Branding projects

FIT Japan IP Global supports producers of identified products in acquiring IP rights for branding their products through the branding project. Weaving a Way Forward tells the story of how a community of female basket weavers in Kenya comes together to form an association, brand their products, and develop their livelihoods.

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FIT Japan IP Global supports WIPO's global platforms' promotion activities, WIPO GREEN and WIPO Re:search, implemented by WIPO Japan Office.

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