Division for Africa

The Division for Africa is responsible for the coordination of technical assistance and capacity building in countries in the African region. It guides IP strategy formulation and implementation in countries, with a view to ensure that all countries are empowered to access the IP system in consonance with their national development goals. To this end, the IP strategies  are developed and implemented  in coordination with relevant sectors within the organization.

Our activities include:

  • Technical assistance and capacity building;
  • Supporting countries in the design, formulation and implementation of country-specific national IP strategies and policies designed in the context of national development goals;
  • Technical assistance to cater to the needs and gaps in the areas of policy and legislative frameworks, institutional and technical infrastructure and human resource capacity building while at the same time leveraging the potential of IP in priority areas as defined in national development plans;
  • Capacity-building programs designed to suit the requirements of specific target groups, including SMEs; Universities and R&Ds
  • Translating the notion of IP for development into concrete, tangible results and benefits, through innovative, cross–cutting IP based projects.


Photo: Marc SERY-KORE

Director: Marc SERY-KORE

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