Regional and National Development Sector

The Regional and National Development Sector is led by Deputy Director General, Mr. Hasan Kleib.  The Sector provides a diplomatic, political and operational gateway for all of the Member States of the Organization, facilitating two-way communication and cooperation across WIPO.  The Sector supports Member States in the development and implementation of policy in the context of effective IP ecosystems.  It strengthens the capacity of Member States and stakeholders to use IP as a tool for growth and development in an impactful manner.  As part of this, the WIPO Academy is the center for excellence for IP education and training, building knowledge and skills in Member States and stakeholders and catalyzing these efforts across the Organization.  The Sector is responsible for programs relating to the WIPO Development Agenda, fostering its effective implementation and promoting its importance through practical means to place development at the center of what we do.  The Sector coordinates the network of seven WIPO External Offices, promoting coherence and integrating them into the work of the Organization.  Through its engagement with all Member States, the Sector provides a conversation space for the exchange of experiences, ideas, and best practices coming from all parts of the world.

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Photo: Hasan KLEIB

Deputy Director General: Hasan KLEIB

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