Japan Funds-In-Trust for Industrial Property – Asia-Pacific

Japan FIT/IP – Asia-Pacific has been supporting industrial property development in Asia-Pacific and other regions for over 30 years. We do this by financing and supporting diverse activities.

In 1987, the government of Japan, through the Japan Patent Office (JPO), made its first voluntary contribution to WIPO’s industrial property development cooperation program. Currently, Japan’s government contributes 3.8 million CHF annually.

The main objectives of Japan FIT/IP – Asia-Pacific include helping develop:

  • wider and more effective use of the Premier Global IP Services (PCT, Madrid and the Hague systems);
  • enhanced human resources capacities able to deal with the broad range of requirements for effective use of IP for development in developing countries, LDCs and countries with economies in transition;
  • increased capacity of SMEs to successfully use IP to support innovation;
  • enhanced access to, and use of, IP information by IP institutions and the public to promote innovation and creativity;
  • enhanced technical and knowledge infrastructure for IP offices and other IP institutions leading to better services (cheaper, faster, higher quality) to their stakeholders;
  • progress in the international policy dialogue among WIPO member states on building respect for IP;
  • a responsive communications interface between WIPO, its member states and all stakeholders; and
  • efficient administrative and financial support structure to enable WIPO to deliver its programs.

Useful resources

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Supporting industrial property for shared prosperity

An introduction to our work and highlights of some of our many success stories.

The funds at work

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Promoting IP

We organize a range of workshops and seminars to help people make the best use of the IP system.

We run workshops/seminars both for experienced users of IP as well as for new users. The events are taught by experts from around the world.

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IP office support

We offer IP offices support to both develop their information systems as well as operational advice on joining WIPO IP services.

A current project in ASEAN for example encompasses three main strands:

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Capacity building

For IP professionals and researchers we have developed fellowships together with Osaka Institute of Technology.

We cooperate with a number of leading Japanese law firms to offer short-term internships to graduates of WIPO-supported Masters degrees in IP law.

In cooperation with the JPO, we provide training, held in Tokyo, for IP professionals from both the public and private sectors.

Promotional activity: WIPO Manga

Cartoon strip from the WIPO Manga
During the summer of 2010, we organized the "Real Manga" competition. The competition invited Japanese manga artists to create an original work highlighting the health and safety risks associated with purchasing counterfeit products. Find out more. (Image: WIPO)