Agenda of the Fifty-Fifth Series of Meetings of the WIPO Assemblies

October 5 to 14, 2015

1.  Opening of the Sessions (A/55/INF/1 Rev.)

2.  Election of Officers (A/55/INF/4)

3.  Adoption of the Agenda (A/55/1) (A/55/10) (A/55/12)

4.  Director General's Report PDF, Report of the Director General

5.  General Statements

Governing Bodies and Institutional Matters

6.  Admission of Observers (A/55/2)

7.  Composition of the Program and Budget Committee (WO/GA/47/1)

8.  Composition of the WIPO Coordination Committee, and of the Executive Committees of the Paris and Berne Unions (A/55/3)

9.  Approval of Agreements (WO/CC/71/1)

Program, Budget and Oversight Matters

10.  Reports on Audit and Oversight

11.  Report on the Program and Budget Committee  (A/55/5 Rev.) (A/55/6) (A/55/7) (A/55/8) (A/55/11)(A/55/4) (A/55/INF/10)

WIPO Committees and International Normative Framework

12.  Report on the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) (WO/GA/47/5)

13.  Report on the Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP) (WO/GA/47/6)

14.  Matters Concerning the Standing Committee on the Law of Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications (SCT) (WO/GA/47/7) (WO/GA/47/10)

15.  Matters Concerning the Convening of a Diplomatic Conference for the Adoption of a Design Law Treaty (DLT) (WO/GA/47/8)

16.  Report on the Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP) and Review of the Implementation of the Development Agenda Recommendations (WO/GA/47/9) (WO/GA/47/11)

17.  Matters Concerning the Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore (IGC) (WO/GA/47/12) (WO/GA/47/16) (WO/GA/47/17) (WO/GA/47/18)

18.  Matters Concerning the Committee on WIPO Standards (CWS) (WO/GA/47/13)

Global Intellectual Property Services

19.  PCT System (PCT/A/47/1) (PCT/A/47/2) (PCT/A/47/3) (PCT/A/47/4 Rev.) (PCT/A/47/5 Rev.) (PCT/A/47/6) (PCT/A/47/6 Add.) (PCT/A/47/7) (PCT/A/47/8)

20.  Madrid System (MM/A/49/1) (MM/A/49/2) (MM/A/49/3) (MM/A/49/4)

21.  Hague System (H/A/35/1)

22.  Lisbon System (LI/A/32/1) (LI/A/32/2) (LI/A/32/3) (LI/A/32/4)

23.  Advice of the Coordination Committee to the Lisbon Union Assembly Regarding the Proposal to Establish a Working Capital Fund for the Lisbon Union (WO/CC/71/6)

24. WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, including Domain Names (WO/GA/47/14)

Other Assemblies and Treaties

25.  Patent Law Treaty (PLT) (WO/GA/47/15)

26.  Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trademarks (STLT) (STLT/A/8/1)

27.  Matters Concerning the Administration of the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement (WO/GA/47/3)

Staff Matters

28.  Reports on Staff Matters

29.  Amendments to Staff Regulations and Rules (WO/CC/71/4 Rev.)

30.  Designation of the Chair and Deputy Chair of the WIPO Appeal Board (WO/CC/71/5)

Closing of the Sessions

31.  Adoption of the Reports (A/55/13) (WO/GA/47/19) (WO/CF/36/1) (WO/CC/71/7) (PCT/A/47/9) (P/A/50/1) (P/EC/55/1) (B/A/44/1) (B/EC/61/1) (MM/A/49/5) (H/A/35/2) (N/A/35/1) (LI/A/32/5) (LO/A/35/1) (IPC/A/36/1) (BP/A/32/1) (VA/A/28/1) (WCT/A/15/1) (WPPT/A/15/1) (STLT/A/8/2)

32.  Closing of the Sessions

Other related documents