WIPO Japan Office

The WIPO Japan Office (WJO) was established in Tokyo in 2006.  We promote WIPO services in Japan and provide Japanese information about the Organization. We also undertake research, outreach and capacity building activities in coordination with WIPO’s Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific.

Indonesian businesswoman Helianti Hilman uses a strong trademark strategy to help promote her “Javara” brand of Indonesian food biodiversity products in overseas markets. More short films about Asian inventors.

As part of Japan-FIT, patent examiners from Asia-Pacific region attended a workshop at UNU on September 13-14. Mr. Natsume of WIPO PCT International Cooperation Division and experts from Japan Patent Office (JPO) lectured on how to use PCT deliverables such as the International Search Report (ISR). (Photo: WJO)

WIPO events in Japan

Other IP events

Our staff regularly participate in other IP events in Japan:

WIPO services in Japan

PCT system for patents

Japan joined the PCT in 1978 and since 2003 has been the second largest user of the System. 

Hague System for industrial designs

Following Japan's recent accession to the Hague Agreement, the Hague System came into force in Japan on May 13, 2015.

Japan and WIPO initiatives

IP Advantage database

Featuring over 200 case studies on how inventors and creators worldwide use IP to differentiate their products, gain a competitive advantage, and contribute to the development of their business and regions. We regularly update the database with new case studies.

We also have films on Asian Inventors.


Together with our Japanese partners, we help connect seekers of new environmental solutions with Japanese providers of cutting-edge green technology and services via this online marketplace.

WIPO Re:Search

The aim of this public/private sector consortium is to promote the development of new drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics in the fight against neglected tropical diseases, malaria, and tuberculosis.