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The Madrid System is a one stop solution for registering and managing marks worldwide.  File one application, in one language, and pay one set of fees to protect your mark in the territories of up to 97 members.  Manage your portfolio of marks through one centralized system.

Learn more about searching prior to filing, filing an application and managing a registration.

Video: An introduction to the International Trademark System. See what users say about the Madrid System.

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How to search before filing

Before filing an international application, you can search WIPO and IP Office databases to find out if there are identical or similar marks already in Contracting Parties of interest.  Find out how to search the Global Brand Database, as well as how to locate IP Office databases.

How to file an application

Filing an international application requires that you have already registered or applied for a mark in your "home" IP Office.  Find out more about the process, including forms, fees, designating Contracting Parties and determining a list of goods and services.

How to manage a registration

Once your mark is registered, you can easily manage your rights through a single request.  Find out how to renew an international registration, extend the geographical scope of protection, transfer ownership or appoint a representative.

For IP Offices

Current Contracting Parties

Information relevant to the daily work of Contracting Parties.

Future Contracting Parties

Information for prospective Contracting Parties including the advantages of the Madrid System.


Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Geneva time.  Monday to Friday.

General inquiries / submitting forms

Madrid Customer Service

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Madrid Operations Teams

For queries concerning an international registration, select your office of origin/residence from the list and directly refer to the team indicated:


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