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Time- and Cost-Efficient Alternative Dispute Resolution Services for Users of the Madrid System

The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center's alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services are regularly used by users of the Madrid System from around the world.

A 25% reduction on the WIPO Center's mediation, arbitration and expert determination administration fees applies if a party (or both parties) to the dispute is (are) holders of international registrations under the Madrid system.

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WIPO Trademark-related cases

Today, trademark disputes may arise in a wide range of business transactions, including licensing, distribution, franchising and co-existence agreements, as well as in cases of direct infringement and in opposition procedures pending before national Intellectual Property Offices.

Efficient dispute avoidance and resolution practices are key in such situations. Providing time- and cost-effective options, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures may help parties to find solutions to their disputes, without the need for court litigation, contributing to the continuation of business partnerships. In this regard, perhaps it is no surprise that trademark-related disputes now account for some 20% of WIPO arbitration and mediation cases.

The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center

With offices in Geneva, Switzerland, and in Singapore, the WIPO Center is a neutral, international and non-profit dispute resolution provider specializing in IP and technology related commercial disputes.

The WIPO Center actively helps the parties to submit disputes to WIPO ADR procedures; assists in the selection of a specialized mediator, arbitrator(s) or expert from the WIPO Center’s database or otherwise, and the setting of the neutral’s fees; and manages case communications and finances. The WIPO Center can also assist with support services, including arranging for meeting and hearing rooms, wherever the parties have decided to situate their case. Throughout, the WIPO Center liaises with parties and neutrals to ensure optimal procedural efficiency.

Settlement Rates

WIPO ADR procedures are organized to stimulate positive opportunities for settlement. 70% of the mediations administered by the WIPO Center have resulted in settlement by the parties. Even in arbitration, some 40% of WIPO cases are settled by the parties prior to a formal award.

Unilateral Request for Mediation Option

The WIPO Center is regularly contacted in relation to disputes where one party wishes to submit a dispute to mediation, but no mediation agreement exists between the parties, for example in trademark infringement disputes or in cases pending before the courts. Since 2016, under the WIPO Mediation Rules a party may submit a unilateral Request for Mediation to the WIPO Center. The WIPO Center may then assist the parties or, upon request, may appoint an external neutral to provide the required assistance.


Publication: Resolving IP and Technology Disputes Through WIPO ADR

Resolving IP and Technology Disputes Through WIPO ADR

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