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The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center offers time- and cost-efficient alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options, such as mediation, arbitration, expedited arbitration, and expert determination to enable private parties to settle their domestic or cross-border commercial disputes. The WIPO Center is international and specialized in IP and technology disputes. The WIPO Center is also the global leader in the provision of domain name dispute resolution services under the WIPO-designed UDRP.

WIPO ADR is specialized, flexible and confidential. Its consensual nature often results in a less adversarial process, allowing the parties to begin, continue, or enhance profitable business relationships with each other. If well managed, ADR can save time and money. Read more on ADR advantages.

WIPO ADR options have been used by large-sized companies, SMEs and startups across industries and sectors, artists and inventors, R&D centers, universities, producers and collecting societies. Read more on the WIPO case experience.

The WIPO Center provides recommended ADR contract clauses to facilitate party agreement to refer a dispute to WIPO ADR. The WIPO Center also makes available the WIPO Clause Generator.

The WIPO Center makes available procedural information and filing guidelines for WIPO Mediation, Arbitration and Expert Determination options. The WIPO Center also provides Good Offices services.

If you are involved in a domain name dispute, you can visit WIPO’s domain name dispute resolution services website.

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WIPO dispute resolution options

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An informal consensual process in which the mediator assists the parties in reaching a settlement of their dispute, based on the parties’ respective interests.

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Arbitration and Expedited Arbitration

A procedure in which the parties submit their dispute to one or more arbitrators, for a binding and final decision (award).

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Expert Determination

A procedure in which the parties submit a specific matter (e.g., technical question, valuation of IP assets, establishment of royalty rates) to one or more experts who make a determination on the matter.

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Domain Name Disputes

Global online enforcement tools to reclaim a domain name that unfairly targets your trademark (known as cybersquatting).

WIPO ADR services for specific sectors

In addition to its ADR services for all types of IP and technology disputes, the WIPO Center also provides tailored dispute resolution in a number of specific IP sectors.
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Information and Communication Technology

A significant part of WIPO ADR cases concern Information and Communication Technology (ICT) disputes. WIPO ADR services for the ICT industry also include tailored model submission agreements that parties may use to refer a dispute concerning the determination of fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms to WIPO ADR.

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Research and Development

To optimize dispute resolution in the R&D and technology transfer sector, the WIPO Center collaborates with relevant stakeholders. This includes the development and dissemination of model R&D agreements, which recommend WIPO mediation and arbitration options.

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Copyright and Content

WIPO ADR procedures are regularly used by creators, collective management organizations (CMOs), and companies, to resolve copyright- and content-related disputes without the need for court litigation.

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Life Sciences

The WIPO Center provides dispute resolution advice and case administration services to facilitate contract negotiations between parties or to help parties resolve disputes in the area of life sciences.

WIPO Center services for Member States

The WIPO Center collaborates with Member States’ IP Offices and Courts to promote ADR methods to prevent and resolve IP and technology disputes. This includes:

  • raising awareness of ADR for IP disputes;
  • assisting IP and Copyright Offices with ADR case administration (including co-administration, training of neutrals and online case administration tools); and
  • participation in the development of model R&D model agreements including ADR options.
The WIPO Center also assists country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) administrators with domain name dispute resolution.

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