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Information of WIPO public presentations in Japan is available here.


Manga Competition

The WIPO Japan Office conducted a national competition to find an artist who will assist in the production of a manga dealing with counterfeit issues.  

The final manga is now available in English and Japanese.
  • Download in English: high resolution PDF, Honmono -
                genuine goods | low resolution PDF, Honmono -
                genuine goods, low resolution
  • Download in Japanese: high resolution PDF, Honmono -
                genuine goods, Japanese  | low resolution PDF, Honmono -
                genuine goods, low resolution, Japanese


Films on Asian Innovators

The WIPO Japan Office, in association with Funds-in-Trust Japan- Industrial Property, is involved in the production of short documentaries featuring innovators from the Asia-Pacific region.

French and Spanish versions are also available at the WIPO channel on YouTube™.

Kiyoshi Amemiya
Inventor, Japan
Video, Kiyoshi Amemiya, Inventor, Japan Video

Dr. Ramón Barba
Inventor, Philippines
Video, Dr. Ramón Barba, Inventor, Philippines Video | Article

Tony Tan Caktiong
Entrepreneur, Philippines
Video, Tony Tan Caktiong, Entrepreneur, Philippines Video

Merrill J. Fernando
Entrepreneur, Sri Lanka

Video, Merrill J. Fernando, Entrepreneur, Sri  Lanka Video

Ruchira Karunaratne
Fashion Designer, Sri Lanka
Video, Ruchira Karunaratne, Fashion Designer, Sri Lanka Video

Katsushige Nakamura
Inventor, Japan
Video, Katsushige Nakamura, Inventor, Japan Video

Hiroo Nakayama
Inventor, Japan
Video, Hiroo Nakayama, Inventor, Japan Video

Nandadasa Narayana
Inventor, Sri Lanka
Video, Nandadasa Narayana, Inventor, Sri Lanka Video

Takahashi Tomotaka
Inventor, Japan
Video, Takahashi Tomotaka, Inventor, Japan Video



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