Cutting-Edge Health Technologies: Opportunities and Challenges, a Joint Technical Symposium by WHO, WIPO and WTO

This eighth joint technical symposium discussed opportunities and challenges linked to cutting-edge health technologies. The Directors General of the three collaborating organizations opened the Symposium. A first panel discussed perspectives for future health outcomes through biotechnology, information technology and big data as applied in the medical and medical devices sectors. A second panel discussed the opportunities and challenges of optimizing the bene¬fits of these new technologies. To mark 10 years of more closely coordinated trilateral cooperation between the WHO, WIPO and the WTO, each organization gave an update of recent work with bearing on the themes of the Symposium.

Meeting codeWHO-WIPO-WTO/GE/19
Date and venueOctober 31, 2019 (Geneva, Switzerland)
Previous / future meetingsWHO-WIPO-WTO/GE/18 >> WHO-WIPO-WTO/GE/19
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Topic(s)WHO, WIPO, WTO Trilateral Cooperation on Public Health, IP and Trade

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