WIPO, WHO, WTO Joint Technical Symposium on Sustainable Development Goals: Innovative technologies to promote healthy lives and well-being

The seventh technical symposium organized by WHO, WIPO, WTO discussed challenges and opportunities for the international community to ensure that innovative technologies are developed and reach patients in order to realize the right to health and the health-related SDGs.

The Symposium was open to Geneva-based delegations to WHO, WIPO and WTO, representatives of international and philanthropic organizations, experts on IP and trade, civil society organizations and interested individuals and organizations.

Meeting codeWHO-WIPO-WTO/GE/18
Date and venueFebruary 26, 2018 (Geneva, Switzerland)
Time of sessions09:00 Geneva time
Previous / future meetingsWIPO-WHO-WTO/IP/GE/16 >> WHO-WIPO-WTO/GE/18 >> WHO-WIPO-WTO/GE/19
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Topic(s)Global Challenges, WHO, WIPO, WTO Trilateral Cooperation on Public Health, IP and Trade