Madrid System: Managing International Trademark Registrations – Expand Protection

You can designate additional Madrid System members PDF, Madrid System members in your existing international trademark registration (i.e., expand its geographical scope of protection), using "Extend Protection of Your Registration" under eMadrid.

Tip! If you did not already include one in your original international trademark application – or in a previously recorded request for extension – you may add a voluntary description of your mark when submitting your request.

How much does it cost?

You will need to pay:

  • a basic fee – 300 Swiss francs (CHF); plus
  • a complementary fee (100 CHF) or individual fee (varies) for each designated Madrid System member included in the request.

To estimate your subsequent designation fees, use our Madrid System Fee Calculator.

Disclaimer: The Fee Calculator bases the estimate on the information that you provide and the Schedule of Fees in effect at that time. The estimate is for information purposes only. For the most accurate estimate, consult the Fee Calculator immediately before you submit a request.

What happens next?

We will examine your request to extend protection to make sure it complies with all formal requirements.

  • If yes, we will record it in the International Register, publish it in the WIPO Gazette of International Marks, and then notify you and the designated Madrid System members. Sample Notification of the Recording of a Subsequent Designation PDF, Sample Notification of the Recording of a Subsequent Designation

  • If no, we will send you an “irregularity notice” identifying the problem, explaining how you can fix it within a given time limit (usually three months), and indicating what will happen if you don’t. Sample Irregularity Notice PDF, Sample Irregularity Notice

We will notify you of any decisions received from the designated Madrid System members – for example, a notification of a statement of grant of protection PDF, Sample statement of grant of protection or provisional refusal PDF, Sample notification of provisional refusal.

Important! Depending on the date of your international registration, you may not be able to expand its geographical scope of protection in certain countries:

Country No subsequent designation for international registrations recorded before:
Brazil October 2, 2019
Estonia November 18, 1998
India July 8, 2013
Philippines July 25, 2012

Instead, you may either:

Madrid System forms

You may also use extend the protection of your international registration using Madrid System Form MM4. However, we strongly recommend that you do this online through eMadrid.

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