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PCT Case Studies

These case studies demonstrate how the PCT has been used in the real world to promote innovation in both developed and developing countries. They have been extracted from the IP Advantage database which provides a one-stop gateway to case studies that chronicle the intellectual property experiences of inventors, creators, entrepreneurs and researchers from across the globe.

Durable Household Products Philippines Rising Above the Competition
Industrial Engineering United States of America Patenting for Cleaner Air
Health Care Equipment and Services Australia Devising a Smart Business Strategy
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Germany Quality and Innovation through IP Protection
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Singapore Painless Bone Regeneration
Health Care Equipment and Services Italy, Republic of Korea The Capsule Crawler: Inside View Made Easy
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Norway, Switzerland Strategic Partnership and IP Policy for Competing against Pharmaceutical Giants
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology India Building on a Foundation of IP
Software and Computer Services Germany From IP Setbacks to IP Success
Building Materials and Fixtures Germany A Green Stone Age for the Future
Clothing and Accessories Italy From Seamstress to International Sartorial Status
Software and Computer Services Italy Successful Technology Transfer through a Spin-off Company
Durable Household Products India, United States of America Ingenious Simplicity: Using Light to Clean Drinking Water in Developing Countries
Industrial Engineering Spain The Sun and IP: A Recipe for Socio-Economic Development
Health Care Equipment and Services Japan A Painless Needle
Technology Hardware and Equipment Japan Rise of the Cybernoids: Japanese Inventor Creates Wearable Robots
Building Materials and Fixtures, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Brazil Creating an Innovative Environment with Licensing and Technology Transfer
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology India Innovating India’s Pharmaceutical Industry
Industrial Engineering United Kingdom Protecting a Brand Built for Success
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Brazil Intellectual Property and R&D: A Path to Success
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Singapore Revolutionizing Aneurysm Treatment
Building Materials and Fixtures United States of America From Agricultural Waste to Sustainable Future
Building Materials and Fixtures Norway Recycling for the Future
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology South Africa Leveraging Economic Growth through Benefit Sharing
Industrial Transportation Australia Taking the Heat Out of Bushfires with Innovative Technology
Industrial Engineering Peru Peruvian Innovator Finds Success through the IP System
Chemicals Italy Bio-plastics: Letting the Planet Breathe
Technology Hardware and Equipment United States of America From Dust Buster to Bomb Disposal
Chemicals, Clothing and Accessories Japan From 10 Minutes to Five Seconds: An Invention to Save an Aging Watch Industry
Industrial Engineering Australia The Bishop Way of Steering to Success
Electronic and Electrical Equipment Japan Robot Creator
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology India Licensing to Save Lives
Health Care Equipment and Services, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Hong Kong, China Fending Off Disease with the Shield of IP
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Netherlands Seeing the World through a Clearer Lens
Technology Hardware and Equipment Republic of Korea IP to Weather the Storm
Clothing and Accessories, Footwear Italy Breathable Shoes: Branding Success through Patenting
Containers and Packaging United Kingdom Filing an International Patent for Maximum Protection and Commercial Gain
Building Materials and Fixtures Ireland, United Kingdom The Importance of Copyright and Patent Protection in Start-Up Businesses
Retail, Software and Computer Services United Kingdom Revolutionizing Digital Content Distribution using Patented Technology
Leisure Goods Australia Australian Invention Dazzles Hollywood
Building Materials and Fixtures Hungary Seeing Through Concrete
Building Materials and Fixtures, Clothing and Accessories, Personal Products Switzerland Hooked on Innovation
Industrial Engineering Japan Transforming Minefields into Schoolyards
Technology Hardware and Equipment Singapore A Remote Solution for a Global Opportunity
Industrial Engineering, Retail, Technology Hardware and Equipment Canada, Italy Reiventing the Frame, Challenging the Status Quo
Clothing and Accessories United Kingdom Protecting a Solution to an Unmet Need
Building Materials and Fixtures, Utilities South Africa Saving Lives and Restoring Dignity through IP
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Nigeria, United States of America Traditional Medicine as a Tonic for Development
Beverages, Chemicals, Clothing and Accessories, Farming and Fishing, Food Products, Nondurable Household Products, Personal Products, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Colombia The Secret Garden of Innovation and Development
Leisure Goods Brazil, United States of America Rescuing a Business Through Robust IP
Chemicals United Kingdom Licensing Opportunities through International Patent and Trademark Protection
Durable Household Products Argentina Bubbles, Brains and Bright Ideas
Durable Household Products Bangladesh An Invention with a Social Cause: Bangladeshi Scientist Develops Water Filter to Fight the Arsenic Menace
Industrial Engineering India Commercialization of an Invention before the Grant of a Patent
Personal Products Philippines Thriving on IP Protection
Industrial Engineering India Innovating Safer Travel
Food Products Colombia Making the Origin Count: The Colombian Experience
Clothing and Accessories United Kingdom Digitize Your Clothes: Look Smart in Intelligent Textiles
Oil and Gas Malaysia Creation of a Brand Name
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Jordan Evolving Towards IP-Fueled Innovation
Electronic and Electrical Equipment Ireland Measuring Up To Success
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, Software and Computer Services United States of America How to Climb a Mountain One Thought at a Time
Electronic and Electrical Equipment, Technology Hardware and Equipment Australia, South Africa Surfers' Paradise, Sharks' Haven
Building Materials and Fixtures Iran (Islamic Republic of), United States of America The Poetry of Architecture
Industrial Engineering France Turning Air into Water and IP into Profit

IP Advantage – Case studies on Intellectual Property

The IP Advantage is a joint project developed by WIPO’s Communications Division and the WIPO Japan Office, based on a proposal from Japan and supported by the Japan Funds-in-Trust for Industrial Property. It aims to promote a better understanding of how to create and protect intellectual property and reap the benefits provided by the IP system.

PCT Notable Inventions and Inventors

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