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PCT Case Studies

These case studies demonstrate how the PCT has been used in the real world to promote innovation in both developed and developing countries. They have been extracted from the IP Advantage database which provides a one-stop gateway to case studies that chronicle the intellectual property experiences of inventors, creators, entrepreneurs and researchers from across the globe.

Industry From Name
Industrial Engineering United States of America Patenting for Cleaner Air
Durable Household Products Philippines Rising Above the Competition
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology India Building on a Foundation of IP
Building Materials and Fixtures Germany A Green Stone Age for the Future
Health Care Equipment and Services Italy, Republic of Korea The Capsule Crawler: Inside View Made Easy
Software and Computer Services Germany From IP Setbacks to IP Success
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Germany Quality and Innovation through IP Protection
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Singapore Painless Bone Regeneration
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Norway, Switzerland Strategic Partnership and IP Policy for Competing against Pharmaceutical Giants
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology India Innovating India’s Pharmaceutical Industry




IP Advantage – Case studies on Intellectual Property

The IP Advantage is a joint project developed by WIPO’s Communications Division and the WIPO Japan Office, based on a proposal from Japan and supported by the Japan Funds-in-Trust for Industrial Property. It aims to promote a better understanding of how to create and protect intellectual property and reap the benefits provided by the IP system.


PCT Notable Inventions and Inventors

Discover some of the notable inventions that have passed through the PCT system and some of the notable inventors who have used it.


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