Inter-Regional Seminar on Guidance for TK in Countries in Transition

IThe World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in cooperation with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, decided to co-organized an Inter-Regional Experts Meeting on Traditional Knowledge in Countries in Transition. The meeting took place on July 8 and 9, 2010 in Warsaw.

The objective of the experts meeting was to exchange experiences and discuss the possibility for the development of a special guideline on traditional knowledge for the specific needs of countries in transition.

The group of participants comprised of experts from both public and private institutions from the region. Participants engaged in active discussions, sharing views and national experiences from their respective countries. One of the emerging issues was the divergence in the national laws of the countries in the region, which could be attributed to existing geo-political and cultural differences. While appreciating the existing differences among the countries in the region, the establishment of a common position for the region was identified as being key in facilitating domestic policy development and the work of the IGC.


  • Mr. Dmytro Pavlov, Head of Sector in the Patent Law Division of Ukrainian Industrial Property Institute (Ukrpatent) [PPT in Russian]
  • Strategies, Trends and New Challenges to TK Protection [in Russian]
  • TK in Romania
  • National Cultural Policy of Intangible Cultural Heritage - Bulgaria [DOC]
  • General Policies Regarding the Intellectual Property Rights of the Traditional knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions (Intangible Cultural Heritage) in Republic of Macedonia - Ivona Opetcheska Tatarchevska, Ethnochoreologist, Ministry of Culture, Cultural Heritage Protection Office [DOC]
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage and Intellectual Property - the Bulgarian Experience - Vladia Borissova, Intellectual Property Dept., UNWE [DOC]
  • Report Warsaw [in Russian]
  • 10 questions – Replies submitted by the Russian Federation [English] [Russian]
  • Presentation by Mrs. L. Simonova [in Russian]
  • Presentation of Ms. Buzova, Russian Federation [in Russian]